We chat to triple threat Secaina Hudson on her marmite sound, how she is growing as a artist and her hopes of working with Pharrell.



A singer, songwriter and producer and only in her twenties, Londoner Secaina Hudson is a triple threat. Having spent her earlier days recording demos on Fruity Loops in her bedroom, she’s now signed to Capitol Records and has recently premiered the video for the first single “I Ain’t With You” from her upcoming EP. In fact, the video for “I Ain’t With you” was shot in one take and written and produced entirely by Secaina – impressive, right? Low-fi and hazy like a web-cam diary, Secaina features in the video wearing her trademark glasses. Meanwhile the song is lead by an infectious beat, interspersed with bites of Secaina catchy rapping. Collectively it makes for the ultimate summer house track. Having already caught the attention from names such as Skream and Diplo as well as penning songs for TCTS, Grades and Vic Mensa, we caught up with Secaina to find out what all the fuss is about. She’s even curated an exclusive mixtape for Wonderland, listen here:

Who inspired you when you were younger to get into the music industry?

I never intended to be in the industry at first, I really enjoyed making music from an early age and messing around with production software was a fun thing to do. I’d say its comparable to doing an extra curricular activity but you go more often and theres the addition of a bonus prize if you create something other people find amazing.

Being from London do you get inspiration from certain places? If so where?

London is full of culture and amazing people with incredible stories. Galleries and exhibitions are good to visit too. It’s always nice to see artistic ideas presented differently to how you would present them, whether it be a painting, dance or a play.

How would you describe your sound and how do you feel is it unique?

I’d say its interesting. Its as unique as marmite, meaning you’ll either love it or hate it?

Tell us about the inspiration for the video for ‘I Ain’t With You’…

I wanted it to be an honest reputation of me because it was my first video.

Why is this the song you chose as your debut? 

I chose this song because it was one of the first ones I wrote and it always reminds me of when I was a teen messing around with FL Studio when I was meant to be doing coursework (sorry mum!)

With the release of your EP in the pipeline, what can people expect from your music? 

Growth. I wrote ‘I Aint With You’ 4 years ago around the time I first started experimenting with singing on my own productions so the rest of the EP should show progression.


What do you want people to take away from hearing your music? 

Anything they like 🙂

Your a singer, songwriter and a producer, why is it important to keep everything you create authentic?

It’s not important, I really enjoy working with other people whether it be me on track or just writing. I’ve written a lot with others, which I’m sure you’ll hear in the future.

How do you juggle your time to manage all these things?

Surprisingly its manageable for me. Its all I’ve wanted to do since I left education and I find it easier than graduating.


Which other artists would you love to write for?

I’m happy to work with anyone that I think sounds great but it would be cool if Pharrell were to ask then I am sure I can free up the diary (wink wink)

At only 22 you have done so much already, what can we expect to see from you next? 

I’ve just turned 23! Music you’d maybe like to listen to more than once.

Where do you want to be in 10 years time?

I haven’t thought that far ahead!

The debut EP “I Ain’t With You” is out May 17th.

Words: Sarah Barnes


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