Having spent her teens touring in a musical, we get to know 25 year old Londoner, Krissy as she moves into her own performing as “hip-pop” artist YOUTH.

YOUTH - Press Shot 1 - @YouthMuzak

Picture this, you’re 16 years old and you’ve just nabbed yourself a scholarship to the world’s oldest theatre arts training school, Italia Conti. Then, just a year later, Ben Elton decides he wants you to be the leading lady in his musical, Tonight’s The Night. You finish all that madness, make some new friends along the way and end up moving in the same circles as guilty pleasure and the once heartthrob, Robbie Williams and record backing vocals on his album Rude Box. That was reality for North London’s Krissy, aka YOUTH.

She’s had quite the ride already but her career’s only just beginning. Krissy’s training is evident in the power behind her voice, exhibited on the part-house part-RnB collaborative EP with Paces, On My Mind. On “Just For You”, a hazy, slow synth track, she builds character, sweetening up her tones then breaking it all down. A click through her recent releases online feels like a performance, not only are there enough new tracks to soundtrack a feature film, each is different, exercising Krissy’s strengths in every way. We caught up with Krissy to swoon over Robbie Williams (we’re still not sure if that’s a weird crush or if everyone feels this way) and find out her plans for the future.

When did you first realise you wanted to be a musician?

For as long as I can remember. Music has been such a major influence growing up that I knew I had to be a part of it in some way or another. Fast forward to now and hearing my tracks played on Radio 1, Capital etc is just incredible.

You studied at Italia Conti! Did you pick up skills there that you still use today or have you moved away from their approach towards music into your own style?

At 16 I won a full scholarship which was incredible. I definitely think they influenced me both in terms of performance and working in the industry on a professional level. It was all part of the process for me – working in different environments to getting to do what I do now and making the music that I wanna listen to. And I met some amazing people.

Tell us about being the leading lady in Tonight’s The Night! What was your favourite part of the experience?

I was 17 when Ben Elton asked me. Getting paid at a young age for something I love to do was a blessing and I honestly had the time of my life being a lad on tour haha.

And you’ve worked with Robbie Williams! We’ve all had a crush on him at one point or another! How was that? Did he pass on any pearls of wisdom?

My crush on him hasn’t left, he’s a very saucy man!! I was lucky enough to meet William Orbit who was producing Robbie’s album at the time and he chose me to record backing vocals on the album. An amazing opportunity for me.

Who are your musical inspirations? Is there anyone you aspire to be like, in terms of style or achievements?

I try and find inspiration in artists that aren’t necessarily like my sound. I love big voices and artists that do what they wanna do and  don’t follow a certain trend.


How would you personally describe your sound?

Neo-Soul, Futuristic RnB, and a new one I’ve come up with, Hip-Pop. I suppose we don’t really set out to sound a certain way but it’s definitely what we do best.

Is there anyone you dream of ever collaborating with?

MØ, she is sick!!!

What can we expect from a YOUTH live show?

Big production, a foghorn voice and no eardrums after you leave haha.

What’s been your favourite moment so far in your music career?

Most recently I’ve played for Vogue Magazine in Dubai, started getting plays on Radio 1 and Capital Xtra, worked with MNEK on a LuvBug record and have been touring Australia. I played some shows over there with my very talented pal Paces, and hearing kids sing the words to your tracks at a live show is mind-blowing! I still can’t get over it and is definitely one of the best feelings.

What are your plans for the near future?

I released my EP About You on April 6th which will be followed by loads more shows, a little tour, and festivals. Watch this space betches x

Words: Lily Walker.


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