The ever distinctive New York based artist Kissey premieres her glitchy infectious new track ‘Distortion’ on Wonderland.

Kissey’s unique sound and creative vision has set her apart in the industry for five years. With an impressive C.V of collaborations and producing, Kissey has been behind some of the biggest and best new music. Her electronic music comes with a critical nature, commenting on modern society and the rest – don’t worry if you missed it, she’s big on the beats as well as the hard hitting realities.

The video is a dark, glitchy representation of the song, with artistic jump cuts and a handful of haunting facial expressions. Distorted and disfigured the vocals are echoing and wavering. Directed by Kamau Agyema, the video is a piece of artistic expression that art lecturers the world over would clamour for. Distortion is the latest single from her new self produced EP The Awakening is pure Kissey with no distortion and no diffusion.

Kissey 'the awakening' by Wenjun Miakoda Liang (pls credit photo) 1000

The Awakening EP by Kissey is due for release 27th April.

Photographer: Wenjun Miakoda Liang