Having been on our radar since 2013, we quiz the Kaleida girls before they inevitably shoot into the stratosphere, following the release of their EP ‘Think’.


Online praise for their early offerings was enough to encourage Kaleida to get back in the studio. The London duo, comprised of Christina Wood (vocals) and Cicely Goulder (keys and production) have been hard at work for a year to self-produce their EP, “Think”. The title track was selected as a song on the soundtrack of Keanu Reeves’ new release, John Wick. Fancy.

Their latest music video is for the track, “Tropea”. The song flutters around in the treble with soft electronic buzzes of staccato synths and a dizzying round of the echoing chorus. The pair cover topics from love to world politics, if that’s not enough to keep you engaged for six songs, there’s probably no hope for you, sorry. Christina and Cicely took a moment to answer our questions about all things Kaleida.


How did the band come together?

Christina: I was looking for some production help on some song demos whilst working out in Indonesia – a friend connected me with Cicely and we got together as soon as I was back in London.

Cicely: I think I was the computer geek Christina was looking for and I knew she was the voice I’d been searching for!

It was meant to be! Where did your name come from?

Christina: It actually came from a combination of throwing names out there and Cicely’s dyslexia! We found out afterwards that the word’s ancient Greek origin means beauty in form, which kind of summarised what we were aiming for musically – simplicity, minimalism and structure.

You’ve been described as “undeniably sexy”. How would you describe each other and your music?

Christina: Ha, don’t know if we’d describe each other as sexy but definitely strong, DIY, feminine, minimal.

As a duo, do you have a specific method of songwriting?

We sometimes write parts or tracks separately, and bring them together and work on them, or we get together in the studio and see what happens!

Who would you say is your biggest musical influence?

Cicely: This is almost an impossible question – everything has kind of influenced me in some way or another.  I guess my late godfather, who was a big old school electronic composer sparked my interest in computer music – I definitely can thank him for that.

Christina: My top three musical influences would probably be all the choral music I sang in the church choir as a child, many Appalachian songs of Kentucky where my father is from, and Björk.

Why have you covered such a variety of themes on your EP? You’ve got everything on there!

Christina: I guess we’ve been inspired by lots of different things! It feels like we’ve only just touched the tip of the iceberg though so hopefully that means there’s lots more to come and we keep feeling inspired by the things around us.

Which is your favourite track on there?

Hard to say – probably depends on what mood we’re in!

What’s Tropea about? Can you explain what’s going on in the music video?

Tropea is broadly about searching for transformation…the video is meant to be a sort of musical séance and to symbolise the creative process. It’s also about the psychology of a duo…

What can we expect from a Kaleida live show? Will we be getting a séance?

We don’t want to give too much away – you’ll have to come and see us!

What are your future plans? Will we be seeing you at any festivals this summer or can we expect an album soon?

We’re working on new tracks, more videos, and practicing for lots of shows in London, the UK and Europe. We’re especially excited about touring with legend Roisin Murphy in May in the UK. Over the summer we’re planning to play as many festivals as possible… and then to get a killer album out next year.

Kaleida’s EP ‘Think’ is due for release 6th April, play a headline show at Birthdays on 11th April and support Roisin Murphy on tour for three dates.



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