Long time pals Fever Dream are making genre free tunes. Following the release of their new album Moyamoya, we sit down with the band to talk future plans.


Described as disorienting, stormy, intense and sweet, Fever Dream is the new noise of oxymoronic music. Without a set genre, they take inspirations from all kinds of sounds including shoegaze, slowcore and post-punk, thus creating a new sense and style of modern indie-rock. The trio who complete the band that create this beautifully unhinged music are university mates: guitarist/vocalist Adey Fleet, bassist Sarah Lippett, and drummer Cat Loye. Each individual brings something new to the table, and together they have created debut album Moyamoya which is an unrelentingly intense experience.

Moyamoya consists of ten tracks which takes you on a rollercoaster of feelings and dreams. It brings the rough with the smooth making this album one to add to your collection. It is unpredictable like Fever Dream itself. Who knows what’s around the corner from them. Read on to find out about the band’s day jobs, the ins and outs of their debut album and their upcoming tour.

Where did the band name come from? Did you have a dream that woke you in a fever one night? Or is it more to do with your personal dream as musicians?

The name Fever Dream comes from the title of a Ray Bradbury short story about a kid whose body is slowly taken over by a strange disease. Also, it’s a nice juxtaposition of an intolerable, disorientating experience against something pleasurable, kinda like some of our gigs.

Describe your personalities in three words.

Funky, jazzy and sassy.

How did you know that you all would connect musically? 

We all went to university together in Brighton before starting the band, so we had a pretty good idea of each other’s tastes. We don’t all like the same bands, but there are so many bands we enjoy together – from lo-fi stuff like Beat Happening and Pavement to post-punk and shoegaze music. What’s more, there’s nowhere to hide in a three-piece; as we’re such good friends we’re not afraid to say when we don’t like something that someone else is playing.

It’s good that you’re so honest and open. Describe your sound. 

It’s like swimming in an over-chlorinated pool without goggles.

Who and what inspires you to make music? 

Most of our close friends are in bands, so we’re primarily driven by jealousy and the desire to recreate the music of our youth. The book Our Band Could Be Your Life is our Bible, apart from the “Butthole Surfers” chapter.

We don’t want to know what that chapter’s about. Does the music in London inspire you at all?

While we don’t always fit in sonically, we’ve been embraced by the London indie-pop scene and love the spirit it embodies. The resurgence of shoegaze (for what must be the fifth time now) with bands like Cheatahs, GUM and Night Flowers has helped us feel like we’re doing something that people are into.

How would you describe your debut album? 

Claustrophobic, woozy, distorted. Record of the year.

Brilliant. Is there a theme or a story to each of the songs within the album? Or to the album as a whole? 

Our label boss Robin best described our lyrics as “sweet perversions” – there’s no intentional or overarching theme to the album but a certain creepiness and sense of regret seeps in to most of the songs at some point.

How excited are you about touring? 

Our March/April tour is with our best pals/lovers/brothers Tigercats, so we’re really excited. Most of us have lived with each other at some point in our lives, so we’ll all get on like a house on fire – or a tour bus on fire.

I hope you don’t mean literally. If you could tour with three other musicians (dead or alive), who would they be? 

Les Savy Fav,  Neil Young and Urusei Yatsura.

Good choices. I saw on your Facebook that you offered a kiss for your 1000th follower. Did that happen? Who was the lucky winner? 

Unfortunately (or fortunately, for her) it was a young lady from Taiwan, so until we tour the Far East it’ll have to be an IOU.

What do you do when you’re not making music or touring? 

Sarah’s an illustrator, Cat runs a vintage clothing company, and Adey is an IT geek. We all like drinking beer at inappropriate times of the day.

If you weren’t doing this right now, what would each of you be doing?

Drinking beer (it’s 3 o’clock).

Sounds perfect.


Fever Dream’s dnew album Moyamoya is out 27 April.

Words: Faye Smith.


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