Hot new act Dance Spirit premiere their video for new single The Sun Also Rises exclusively on Wonderland. 

The electronica indie musical duo Dance Spirit could easily create a cult following with their hypnotising combination of silky beats and viscous vocals. Inspired by a whole host of musical icons ranging from the heroes of classical music to legendary Pink Floyd, this eclectic taste prevails in their unique collaborative music combinations.

Set within a barren landscape with art school overlays and vintage film burns entrance for Dance Spirit’s newest video for ‘The Sun Also Rises’. With a gentle hypnotic quality, Dance Spirit cause a casual swaying of limbs in a subconscious kind of way. Listening to this total chill out track releases tranquil endorphins with whispery vocals, dusty drums and xylophone beats. Their new music will have you heading for the club for some all night dancing, the desk for some head down concentration or the back garden for some zen yoga, this duo has appeal for everyone.


You can hear all Spirit Dances’ releases on their Soundcloud.

Words: Elli Weir