We’re proud to premiere Cakes da Killa’s latest track, ‘Mixed Messages’. If you don’t know this LGBT NY hip hop artist yet, you really should.


Don’t be fooled by his cute face! Cakes Da Killa has killer lyrics and a no bullsh*t approach to work and relationships. The Jersey born, NY based rapper has been creeping onto the scene since high school but really made you look with his video for ‘Goodie Goodies’ (2013) and mix tape ‘Hunger Pangs’ (2014). A front-runner in the LGBT hip hop genre, he probably runs your club. Today he’s releasing his new music video for ‘Mixed Messages,’ directed by Mark Lovato and Gella Zefira-right here on Wonderland!

Cakes explains “the video was inspired by classic psychological horror genres, in particular Vertigo and The Shining. It’s about experiencing that emotional limbo when you’re on the receiving end of unclear messages or mind games. Here Cakes is caught in a moment in time on replay, that space between excitement and frustration.  It’s a relatable, but perhaps too frequent phenomenon that we’ve all experienced at one time or another from people that catch our interest.  In the end they become your ghost.”

What’s the story behind the song? The asshole who broke your heart? 

“Mixed Messages” is all about a situation where someone was leading me on and there really wasn’t any real reason why. Like, he would leave kissy faces on my selfies or gush over how plump my lips are and completely had me going crazy. It was one of those situations where I was dealing with a very flirtatious persona and when we meet there was a very weird disconnect and I felt so stupid. We cool now though.

Do you play into dating games? 

Not at all. Games are no fun! I’m the type to pull a man into a bathroom stall or make out with a bartender real quick. I’ve always felt like if someone is coming at me on level 6 he’s going to get a 10 in return in regards to the steaminess of the situation. I’m learning how to take my time now, but before I wasn’t taking anyone seriously. The mind games and emotional scarring is still a major turn off.
Do you have any rules for communicating with dates? 

I’m a very direct and honest person. That draws people in but after a while I feel like it can be overwhelming for the weak. I try to make my boo of the moment feel like he can be just as open with me about things but men are always trying to pull the wool over my eyes. I guess I’m too good at playing the whole damsel in distress role and they forget that I’m still a man who can smell game from a mile away.

What’s the best way to turn someone down via text? 

“I had Mexican for lunch.”

Best emoji for picking them up? 

I’m all about the tongue emoji.

You’re on the road a lot-how do you keep up with relationships? 

I’m still trying to get that balance down pack. I think as long as everyone is on the same page with the landscape of your budding love affair the distance shouldn’t be a problem. For friends, they know I have to pay my bills so they don’t care.

This NYC winter was horrid. What are you most looking forward to wearing this spring? 

These sandals I just ordered from Dr. Martens and some denim coochie cutters.

What are your trend predictions for next year? 

Not really into forecasting but I think people should really work on not looking like the other 30 people on the L train. I mean, I would be able to tell them apart a lot better when they reintroduce themselves to me at parties for the 8th time.

Can you give us something to look forward to? 

Working on my debut album and it’s going to be so yummy!

Cakes da Killa’s EP #IMF is available to buy now.

Words: Tea Hacic-Vlahovic


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