With a brand new single out this week, we caught up with London based musical project, Button Eyes.

beButton Eyes’ new single “Please Don’t Take My Blues” sees the ultra-charismatic newcomer CW Jones take on lead vocals. It’s a bittersweet tribute to the conflicting emotions brought on by life and music, with tradition instruments underpinned by synthesisers and head nodding hip-hop style drums.

Button Eyes features some of the most exciting musicians in the country in guest slots, including Rag N Bone Man and Gemma L Williams on vocals and Will Calderbank on cello.

Give us an insight into the journey, where did it all begin for Button Eyes?

Button Eyes originated from the time I spent living in Brighton. I was going to a lot of live shows, particularly the Woodlands Records and Willkommen collective nights, and got to know some really interesting artists. I ended up doing some remixes for a few people and sampling a few sounds from the music they were selling at shows and managed to get a few people in to record some new parts on top of this. At the time there was a very strong scene in the area and everybody was playing in each other’s bands and recording together and Button Eyes was born from that.

What kind of sounds were you listening to when you were growing up?

I listened to a wide variety of music growing up. I was always a bit fanatical from an early age. For my first gig my Mum took me to see Green Day at Brixton Academy, I was 11 years old. I was into Jungle and Hardcore as well as the usual Grunge and Punk bands everyone liked growing up. My dad was a huge Bowie fan and I definitely inherited that and still probably hold at least a couple of his albums in my top ten.

There is quite a collective in the band, how do you manage to keep everyone happy when writing new stuff?

The good thing about working with so many good musicians is that whatever song I’m working on there’s almost always someone that will be into it.

You’ve received tonnes of great radio play, what do you make of it all?

It was very surprising but I absolutely love it! The best thing is hearing it on the radio live in the car. Makes it all feel legit… The novelty will definitely never wear off.

Who would you love to collaborate with on a track?

Robert Fripp!

Tell us about the rest of 2015, how is it shaping up?

We’re working on an album to be released towards the end of the Year and a live show to support it. There’ll be a few more videos along the way. We’ve got some really nice vocals from CW Jones in the bag that should be out sometime in May.

Who are you guys digging musically right now?

The Purist. He’s got an album out soon and it’s sounding amazing. Becky Becky, Normanton Street, Kwabs, The Diamond Family Archive.

A lot of work clearly goes into your music videos, talk us through the process?

The first video we released “Simple Days” was directed by Richard Paris Wilson and Tommy Nagle. We were put in touch through mutual friends and the video involved a fairly large crew. Since then it’s become kind of a collective where we all help out on each other’s various projects, so usually me and my brother Ross Lindgren put it out to one or two of the directors in the bunch, gather a crew together and get it shot. Everyone’s very professional in their particular role so it’s usually pretty smooth. It’s great doing the shoots because everyone’s become good friends. We’ve been on some really tough (and cold, and muddy) sets and we’ve become like old war buddies.



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