Taken from their forthcoming EP Voices, we premiere the ethereal and electronic track “CTRL” from Riot !n Magenta.

Hailing from Singapore, fivesome Riot !n Magenta are made up of Eugenia Yip, Hayashida Ken, Khairyl Hashim, Sulaiman Supian and Ritz Ang. Since releasing their debut EP R3B007 in 2013, they’ve been gaining attention as they’ve evolved from a duo armed with laptops to a full live band capable of captivating performances. They’re all about the craft and fine-tuning everything, proving their ability after having been selected to soundtrack art and film installations.

“CTRL” is a further example of their well honed skills. Yip’s vocals have a distinctive timbre but still manage to be soothing as she takes an effortless trip along with the melody. The drums are subtle and muted, the synths chords perfectly formed and the guitar flutters dreamily and excitedly without taking over.


Riot !n Magenta’s EP Voices is due for release 23rd March.