Wonderland’s working girl Hailey Baldwin talks backstage gossip and being bests with the Jenners.

Hailey Baldwin 4Blue feather dress by FENDI, white leather stilettos by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, blue diamond ring by BVLGARI, powder blue leather bag by DIOR and jewellery on bag (from left to right) gold plated and stone bracelet by MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE, square shaped art deco necklace BUTLER & WILSON and gold plated necklace by VALEREY DEMURE 

Even for a workaholic, Hailey Baldwin works too much. At eighteen, Baldwin’s modelling gigs keep her busy while her pedigree helps her join the ranks of the Jenners and win the affection of the dreamiest of dreamy guys. But you didn’t hear it from me! My mother believes in the power of mystery. “There’s no reason to Tweet the number of times you’ve sat on the toilet today!” *Rolls eyes*

I don’t believe there’s such a thing as TMI, but maybe mum’s right. Stars like Baldwin love secrecy (and their people freaking adore it). Baldwin posts pictures with Bieber but will not discuss him, either because that makes fans more interested or because there really is nothing to say. Either way, we’re curious about her enviable life.

So how did Baldwin become a model? Did she do a secret season of ANTM? Apply through an online scam site? Stand in line at casting calls, getting hit on by sweaty scouts?

“I feel I have always wanted to model, but I was sixteen when I decided to look for an agency. My first big shoot was for LOVE with Katie Grand. I remember my agent telling me, ‘You’re going to London’ and there I was, on set with someone I have so much respect for. It was all so surreal!” She says the most fun part of modelling is working with “amazing, creative people” and the most annoying part is “sometimes never knowing what city I might be in tomorrow and what I should pack in my suitcase. Traveling the world for work is something I feel very grateful for.” For trips, she suggests reading Illiad and the Odyssey.

Hailey Baldwin 3White silk mix suit by MOSCHINO, yellow stilettos by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, drop diamond earrings by DE BEERS, sterling silver star ring by CHANEL, silver and crystal rings both by DE BEERS

Her favourite supermodels of all time are Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss. Appropriate, since one can easily imagine her angelic face, flawless figure and platinum hair promoting Pepsi in a halftime commercial that would grab the attention of bad-boy musicians.

Hey, it’s not my fault. Baldwin’s dating life is hot gossip. I bet you’re dying to know if she makes the first move? “On the dancefloor, yes! But when it comes to boys I think they need to make the first official move.” See, you don’t have to be old to be old-fashioned.

When I was eighteen, my most ambitious goal was talking to a drummer at a concert and my most elaborate plan was how to sneak out of my house in the middle of the night to do so. I wonder what Baldwin has in mind for her future? “My agents and I set a list of goals for my career, so I’m pretty much just trying to reach those goals. I think modelling is a great platform, and I am really enjoying what I am doing now, but as I grow as a person, I will see what works for me. I just want to stay open to explore all creative avenues.” She is coming into her style and sense of self now, exploring new trends and music. If she could only wear one outfit in 2015, it would be, “black jeans, black boots and a black leather jacket.” If she could only listen to one album, it would be by Hillsong United.

On her days off, Baldwin enjoys “hanging out with friends in NY or LA or sitting in my apartment, chilling out and catching up on TV. I’ve had Workaholics on repeat.” Sitting at home is the best time to get a perfect selfie, right? “Hey! [Instagram] is not all about selfies.” Sure, but how many clicks does it take to get the best one? “If you’re not happy by number four, leave it until later.”

Baldwin’s Instagram profile is full of gorgeous skylines, glamorous parties and group photos with the Jenners. Now, back to the gossip. Word got out that runway models bullied Kendall Jenner backstage because of the clear advantage her upbringing gave her. Many models felt it’s not fair that someone who is already wealthy and well-connected is taking the most coveted jobs from girls who have struggled to reach them. They demonstrated these feelings by putting out their cigarettes in Jenner’s water. Has Baldwin heard about this or experienced similar bullying, over her privileged life? “Kendall never told me specifically that anyone’s been mean to her. I think most girls are pretty professional, and if they were being mean I’d smack ‘em ‘cause nobody bullies my bestie. But I think some models of course think there’s an unfair advantage, but just because we come from a certain family doesn’t mean we don’t work just as hard as other girls.”

I had no idea they were besties. I wonder if she hangs out with Kimye? Does she help pick North’s outfits? Will she buy Kim Kardashian’s selfie book? “Kim’s beautiful but no I don’t think so, haha.”

Baldwin has many secret plans for next year, which we’ll just have to wait around for, biting our fingernails… Until then, her tips for having the best year yet are, “Be yourself, have fun, and stay grounded!” In other words, just do it and don’t forget to bring a towel.

Hailey Baldwin 2Gold sequin top by SAINT LAURENT BY HEDI SLIMANE, pink and black trousers and black stilletos both by TOM FORD, gold plated star-shaped earrings & gold plated septum ring by OTHONGTHAI, gold plated perspex and metal bracelet (left) by VALERY DEMURE gold plated and stone bracelet (right) by MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE, gold and diamond ring by BVLGARI 

Hailey Baldwin 1  Hailey Baldwin 5 Pink and black top with diamante detailing by VERSACE, white faux fur coat by MOSCHINO, silver heart-shaped earrings by OTHONGTHAI, silver plated crystal ring by BUTLER & WILSON and gold flower detail ring by CHANEL 

Hailey Baldwin 6Blue dress by ICEBERG, gold metallic stilettos by JIMMY CHOO, gold plated heart-shape earrings and gold plated perspex and metal bracelets by MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE 

Hailey Baldwin 7Multicolour top and belt by BALMAIN, black quilted shorts by CHRISTIAN DIOR white and black stilettos by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, gold plated hoop earrings by OTHONGTHAI, gold plated heart-shaped ring (left) by MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE and gold plated perpex and metal rings by OTHONGTHAI 

Hailey Baldwin 8Black cotton bra top by NASIR MAZHAR, gold laser cut leather skirt by JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, gold plated earrings by MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE, necklaces (on belt from left to right) blue crystal drop necklace by BUTLER & WILSON, double link biker chain choker by MAWI, square shaped art deco necklace and silver plated crystal bracelet by BUTLER & WILSON

Hailey Baldwin 9Brown chantilly lace dress with studs, brown calfskin belt with white stitching, brown thigh high boots with lace and brown straws choker on calfskin base all by GIVENCHY BY RICCARDO TISCI 

Hailey Baldwin 10 Black and grey stripe dress by ANTHONY VACCARELLO, black mesh visor by GENERAL EYEWEAR and gold plated and swarovski crystal ring by VICKI SARGE 

Photographer: Matt Irwin.

Fashion Editor: Anna Trevelyan.

Words: Tea Hacic-Vlahovic.


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