If Dree Hemingway ran her own political party it would be called Dree-isum or Dr Dree. We catch up with the rising star at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.


Dree Hemingway may be American but she’s got that English rose beauty look down to a tee. Wearing a Hugo Boss tailored black suit, with freshly died girl-next-door brown hair, her Idaho accent radiates energy. She may be about to make Hollywood fame but the tom-boy with a dry English humour is no starlet – she’s refreshingly down to earth. Following her new role as a protagonist in Mercedes-Benz AW15 visual campaign, Wonderland  head to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin to talk stealing cars, having a radar on the cops and M&S cotton panties with the rising star.

What are you up to at the moment?

I finished one film in September called “Happy People” and then I’ve been filming for two months on this film called “The People Garden.” It’s based in this suicide forest outside of Mount Fuji in Japan. It’s a real forest, not a true story.

Have you been?!

Im going right after here! Im kind of excited though. In Japan its an honourable way to die. There is something less scary about it than….

Why do you think Collier chose you as her leading lady?

I’m always very confused when some choose me to be the sexy vivacious blonde, then it comes out and I’m like Oh! That’s why! I love what I do, I love cars, I love doing moving images , creating a story. Before I started doing movies and acting I was a model. I studied acting and then I used modelling as a tool to learn how to act. I owe my acting career to my modelling career. With Collier its not just about doing this sexy bombshell- there’s a story and there is something very classy about it that I like. She has that tomboy aspect as well, that Helmut Newton esq feeling, where its these beautiful but tough women.

It was hardly Loaded magazine was it?!

It very well could have gone down that line, I watched the video and I was kind of excited, but nervous. I was with two Formula One racing drivers wearing a black dress and red lipstick in a car studio. It could have gone in the complete opposite direction. It kind of has that Rush, 70’s aspect, like old racecar drivers.

It was an amazing shoot, really captured the Mercedes.

That turbine was amazing wasn’t it? Better than a wind machine?

Or a hair dryer?

The leaf blower is one of my favourites,

Going back to what you said about moving images, do you find yourself taking direction differently when it’s a still image opposed to a film?

I still tend to move fluidly, I was a dancer for years and that’s how I work fast so when somebody says on camera, “Don’t move! You cant move , im just going to place you!” I’m probably not that person and I shouldn’t be hired. But then I also respect the stillness , through silence and stillness there is like is some movement and a story in your head , something being portrayed through your eyes. I think some of my favourite moments in films are these blank stares where nobody moves at all and there is something more meaningful in that, than somebody who does too much.

What was it like working with Collier?

She’s incredible. I met Collier years and years ago when I first started modelling, we had a funny meeting at my agency. We both watched each other grow into something…even though she is much more established and well known . We have both watched each other find ourselves in different ways. She is what I like in a photographer in the sense that she loves a woman, but I like that aspect that it doesn’t have to be so..cliché?

It was really intimidating being hired by Mercedes-Benz, because of all the commercials that I’ve seen. Tilda Swinton’s and Karlie Kloss , they defiantly stepped out of the cliché world . So I was very honoured to be chosen to be a part of this artistic movement that they are going. Trying to show more of story and its not just about the car.

Who is easier to work with: the men or the car?

The car was such a fucking diva.


What kind of driver are you? Would I want to get in a car with you?

I’m a really fast driver…My dads first present to me when I got my driving licence was a Radar Detector.

What’s that?

It detects cops. I think they’re illegal. I actually really love driving fast, I wanted to be a professional race car driver when I was younger.

You still could?

I could but the girls have to work-out their neck and I dont think there is anything sexy about a chunky neck.

What is the funniest thing you have ever read about yourself?

I read somewhere I was in a club hooking up with Robert Pattinson. That was kind of hilarious… because I wasn’t there.

What would you like to read about yourself?

My future roles “Tim Burton hires Dree Hemmingway..”

What’s your biggest Vice?

I smoke cigarettes occasionally.

And your greatest attribute in a man?

Confidence; but not cocky confidence,  because that can just go all wrong.

What about in a woman?

A woman who owns herself. And her body and her…shit.

Who is your favourite character in history?

Marie Antionette – Let Them Eat Cake.

Pick a rap Name?=…


We like it. If you ran a political party what would it be called?

Dree-isum. Dr Dree?

Do you have a secret google fetish?

The Daily Mail. Everyday. I like to pretend im looking at the news at the news on the left side but im not. I love the sidebar of shame.

Don’t we all. What;s your most overused word?

Wild or glorious.

And your worst kept secret.

Oh I cant keep my mouth shut. I say too much. Sometimes my friends are like “really did you need to tell everyone about your bowls movements”.

Cheap indulgence…

Im a big fan of tinned things or anything from M&S

In England that’s not a cheap indulgence…

Okay but  their packaged underpants. I love them. I like big granny panties that take over my butt.

Guilty as charged.

Words: Harriet Charity Verney.


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