We talk brownie baking, childhood nostalgia and cocktail making with Profile new face, Phoebe.Phoebe Profile Models 3  Dress by Acne, necklace models own.

So first off, where were you scouted? 

I was scouted in the most unexpected places! I was approached on a family trip to the theatre when I was 13 and also was chased onto the tube by a booker! Once I was approached on the streets of Hackney aswell.

We loved your crazy mermaid ‘do at the Trevor Sorbie show, have you ever had any wild haircuts?

That wig at the Trevor Sorbie show was incredible- so long and looked amazing under the lights! I have never had my hair cut too drastically but the styling for some jobs, especially hair shows, can be so wacky! Quite often I travel home with such big hair – back combed so much that it takes hours to brush it all out, but it’s so worth it!

Your brownies on your instagram look divine, if you were going to bake us a treat what would it be?

They were pretty tasty! I never follow a recipe, I just mix brownie ingredients with dark rum. How wrong can you go?!  If I were to bake you a treat, I would choose my cookies. They have caramel, honeycomb, white, milk and dark chocolate in!

You’re making us hungry. We spotted lots of pictures of cocktails too! If you could dedicate a drink to your favourite fashion icon, who would it be and what would be in it?

I would dedicate it to the legendary Kate Moss –  she is such an inspiration. Also, Kate’s younger sister Lottie is so lovely, really down to earth! It would definitely be a vodka based cocktail, with a raspberry liqueur and lime maybe… I have a sweet tooth!

Us too. So it looks like you’ve been on shoots in all locations and weathers, what are your best and worst model memories to date?

There really aren’t a lot of bad memories, there are so many incredible people in the industry and sometimes you have to shoot in cold conditions. A few years ago I did an editorial shoot outside, in the snow, wearing very very little! But it was worth it because the photos turned out well. I have so many amazing memories and I have been so lucky to have experienced the things I have and met the people that I have at my age. I walked in the Paul Costelloe show this year during fashion week, that’s a memory I will never forget.

So you had McBusted tickets, what’s your favourite song from your childhood?

Mum always used to put Busted on in the car when I was a kid. I think I probably know every lyric to every one of their songs – how embarrassing! But my favourite song from my childhood has to be one from the Lion King – it’s my favourite Disney film!

If you could escape to any country in the world right now, which would it be?

I would love to go to Australia, apart from the spiders, I am envious of the wildlife, climate and the beaches. I would love to travel there one day, whether it be with work or just to explore.

Okay last one, if you weren’t a model what would you be?

I have been dancing since the age of two, so maybe a dance teacher or assistant. I would maybe go to university but I can’t decide what I would want to study!

Phoebe Profile Models


Jacket by Songizo, shirt by Jun Li, trousers by Back by Ann-Sofie Back.

Phoebe Profile Models 2

 Dress by Acne, necklace models own.

Model: Phoebe @ Profile Model Management.

Photography: Saskia Lawson

Styling: Camilla Sverdrup-Thygeson

Makeup: Lauren Phelan

Makeup Assistant: Amber Espley

Hair: Loui Ferry