A mashup of ringing techno, wobbling bass and with a guitar and piano or two thrown in for good measure, Guy Gerber has created us a ‘Sleepless’ playlist.

guy gerber

Musician, producer and DJ Guy Gerber has compiled us a playlist of tracks that’ll creep under your skin and pump around your bloodstream. Whether you have the piano riffs rolling around the back of your mind or your heart starts to tick in time to the treble beats of a house tune, something on here will have you hooked. Each and every one is crafted with genius and style, they would have to be to make Guy’s cut.

An electronic producer, in a way, creates perfected music, removing most opportunities for human error unlike live bands. Guy is moving away from the commercialised EDM mainstream, instead of focusing on the euphoria, he’s creating something for after-hours. ’11 11′, Guy’s album, has pleasing discordance and awkward beats for you to try and wrap your mind around – either that, or just go with it and shuffle the night away, it’s up to you.

Nils Frahm – ‘Says’


Just an incredible artist – it’s amazing what he can do live with so few instruments. I haven’t gotten to see him play myself yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. Really beautiful music…analogue genius.

Chromatics – ‘Into The Black’


It’s a cover of a Neil Young song…I don’t know why but I’m just in love with this and always go back listening to it.

Röyksopp – ‘Compulsion’


I really loved their first album, and not so long ago, a friend just sent me this song. Beautiful, deep, pop music. Love what these guys are doing with synthesisers.

Hunter/Game – ‘Squares’


Love these guys from Italy. They just signed this track, “Squares”, on my label Rumors. Really deep and the bass line is so sexy…I’ve been playing this for quite a while. Very proud to release this track.

Avishai Cohen Trio – ‘Remembering’


Been introduced to this by my very good friend Cesar. Avishai is an amazing contrabass player, but also an incredible composer and pianist. It’s amazing how much emotion is in his playing. The piano riff especially is executed perfectly.

Otis G Johnson – ‘He’s Everything’

This is really old, but extremely soulful. All of the album sounds the same and I’m in love with how much the track has barely any high hats. It’s just very dark, barely any treble on the recording, and almost you can feel how much pain is infused into that song.

Guy Gerber and Puff Daddy Presents 11 11 – ‘My Heart’


In general, if this were a chart, I would have rather not put my own song in it. But since it’s a playlist, I put it, because it is one of my only songs that I keep listening to all the time. Usually after I finish producing, I kind of have a hard time listening to the product again. But with this track, there is something special… especially in the arpeggio that comes in the end, and I just really enjoy listening to again and again.

Anonymous and Andrew Emil feat. Gryffyn – ‘Mushroom Man’

Love this weird vocal. It’s a track that you could play every time, though it’s not always the mood, and I especially love the DJ sets where I get to play this kind of music.

Phuture – ‘Your Only Friend’

This is an old house classic. The lyrics say it all. This stuff is the original deep.

Soft Metals – ‘Tell Me’

Recently when I was in New York with a friend of mine, we were in this amazing exhibition for Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe. They had chosen a soundtrack with music to complement the art, and the exhibition was one of the most astonishing things I’ve seen this year. ‘Tell Me’ was one of the songs that was played. The song is beautiful, and the exhibition was even more so—I highly recommend it.


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