We delve into the creative mind of Jack White’s mate and Hedi Slimane’s muse, Curtis Harding.


Now here is a man that both excites and intrigues us. Meet Curtis Harding, a Michigan-born peddler whowas snapped up by the ultra-hip Burger Records to release Soul Power in the US earlier this year. It went down to widespread plaudits earning fans including Jack White, who he’s been on the road with of late.

On the side, he’s been collaborating with the Black Lips and Mastodon,  musically, while hook-ups in the fashion world have come with Hedi Slimane and Yves Saint Laurent. Wow.

1. Give us an insight into your journey thus far – when did you realise that music was ‘your chosen path’

I love music and no matter what may come, I’ll always make it whether for myself or others. However, after singing back-up and getting paid to travel I realised I could make a career out of it.

2. What or who has been the biggest musical influence whilst you were growing up?

My family because we all sang, lived and traveled together. My mother made sure we practiced and performed as much as possible.

3. We heard that Jack White was a fan of your work – if you had to collaborate with any other artist on one of your tracks, who would you love to work with?

Jack White is a great talent and an awesome dude. It was a great experience getting to know and tour with him and the great musicians he plays with. I’m in talks with a couple people right now but I don’t wanna give it away.

4. How do you manage your time with the solo record and your other project Night Sun?

Same as anything else. You make sure that you set aside a day or two to write the record or even just to play or write. It’s a labour of love and lots of fun, which makes it easier to schedule.

5. Are there any crossover with all of your creative projects? How do you decide what is best to keep for your solo work and what to keep for your collaborations?

It’s like meeting a girl. Some girls you wanna hang out with alone (solo) and others you say to yourself ” she and _\\\\____ would get along great! I think I’ll introduce them to each other.”

6. Would you consider yourself quite fashion savvy?

No, I’m more of a personal style type of guy. I really appreciate fashion, but it is an egg that I have no desire to crack.

7. Tell us more about the work you’ve done with Hedi Slimane and YSL? Sounds pretty intriguing.

We did a collaboration with one of my songs and his visual and designer brilliance. The song he chose was ‘Next Time’ off the Soul Power LP. He also shot the album cover.

8. Tell us more about Soul Power and the whole process you endured to make the finished record?

Soul Power is a collection of songs I wrote. Some of the songs are from years past but revamped to fit my current feel and others that came to life during the demo recording process. The record took two weeks to record, not including mixing and mastering. It was a lot of work but great fun and I can’t wait to finish the second album. I love the recording process.

9. Where do you even begin to create something like that?

In your mind.

10. Are there any tracks on the album that you are most proud of?

They are all my children. I’m proud of them all.


‘Soul Power’ will be released in the UK on January 19th.

Catch Curtis live in the UK:

Nov 26, 2014 – UK, London, Electrowerkz – TICKETS

Nov 28, 2014 – UK, Manchester, Soup Kitchen – TICKETS

Nov 30, 2014 – UK, Glasgow, Nice N Sleazy’s – TICKETS

Dec 1, 2014 – UK, Bristol, Louisiana – TICKETS

Dec 2, 2014 – UK, Brighton, Komedia Studio Bar – TICKETS


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