We catch up with duo Seafret following the release of their debut Ep ‘Give Me Something’, to ask about a childhood by the seaside and musical influences


Jack Sedman and Harry Draper make up North Eastern duo Seafret, whose soothing tones and heartfelt lyrics will leave you calmer that a visit to the seaside town they hail from. Between working on their debut album and supporting James Bay on tour, the pair have got a busy schedule. We catch up with them to talk about their debut EP ‘Give Me something’, growing up by the seaside and Elvis’ sideburns.


Tell me how the pair of you met and how Seafret came to be? And tell me about the name?

Harry: We met at a small open mic night in a little village called Sewerby, not far from our hometown. After meeting, Jack came up to mine every night and we started recording and writing songs in my bedroom. Neither of us had done anything like that before but it worked so well and we were instantly hooked.

Jack: The name Seafret was literally one of the first names we came across that we liked, we stuck with it and did our first show and other people liked it too. ‘Sea’ being a one of the main parts of our upbringing and fret from the guitar. It’s also a term used for a fog that rolls in off the North Sea.


What was it like growing up in Bridlington? 

Harry: Growing up in Bridlington was great. Being right next the sea is a really amazing thing, I think you take it for granted a little before you move away. Going back is always refreshing and inspirational for us.


Did any bands ever come that way/where was your nearest music ‘scene’ as it were? 

Jack: Bridlington has some good places to play and we met some great players there. We played everywhere we could, we found York has a brilliant music scene and it will always be a treat to go back and play there.

Harry: Growing up I listened to a lot of blues and Americana/ bluegrass music due to my dad being in a bluegrass band. I also listened to a lot of John Martyn. I was addicted to the sound he got out of his guitar, that’s what made me want to pick it up myself.


What did you listen to growing up, and what influence of that music can you hear, if any, in your own? 

Jack: I grew up on my parent’s music collection before starting my own. My parents are into a massive range of music from classical to the most alternative I’ve ever heard (which I can’t even name). I remember hearing Elvis, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits and I couldn’t get enough. We definitely wouldn’t be who we are without them.

Do you have any differing tastes in current music?

Harry: We’re both open to any new music we hear, but we usually like similar music. Though I’m sure we both have some guilty pleasures.


Talk me through the writing process?

Jack: We generally always start with the music. Harry will have guitar parts first, and then I will write the lyrics/ melody. We are both always writing so a lot of the time it’s piecing it together and combining ideas.

You’ve just released your debut ep ‘Give Me Something’, how did you decide on that song being the title track, as opposed to ‘Explosion’, ‘Play with guns’ or ‘Did we miss the morning’?

Harry: We felt that ‘Give Me Something’ would give the listeners an honest impression of who we are. We’ve always loved stripped back music; the track has minimal guitar and lyrics but has still connected with a lot of people.


You recently supported James Bay, what was it like?

Jack: It was probably one of the most enjoyable gigs we’ve done! Being in a church, the sound and atmosphere was amazing. The reaction from the crowd took us by surprise and we’d love to play there again! James Bay was brilliant; it was a privilege to be asked to play on the same bill.


 Are you working on an album, what can you tell us about it?

Jack: Yes we are currently working on our debut album. We are constantly writing meaning the track list keeps changing; this keeps it very exciting for us because even we don’t know what the final product will be like!


If we could give you something what would it be?

Jack: Elvis Presley’s sideburns!

Words: Siobhan Frew


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