She’s our favourite pastel popstar, with an ear for the retro and an eye for the future: in honour of the Komik remix of her new single “High” we got FEMME to make us a playlist…

Femme 2

In a year that’s produced more than its fair share of badass feminist popstars, (and yes, I just used the “F” word), FEMME stands firmly at the forefront of that particular movement: she writes, records, mixes, produces and performs all her tracks herself, whilst also managing to direct, edit and produce all her music videos AND (as if all that activity weren’t enough) she choreographs and styles the Bullet Girls – her backing dancers – who capture the same pastel tinged retro-futuristic vibe that she pulls off with the kind of casual panache that most singers work for years to achieve. Take it from us – her shows are a visual gold-chain clad, pop-pop pushing spectacle, capturing all the drama and fun of a pop show with the kind of dance routines you’ll almost certainly be trying to imitate for days to follow.

Bouncing onto the scene with the lighthearted romp of first single “Fever Boy”, she’s since dropped a covers EP chock-full of hits from the 60s-90s (think everything from “Ring My Bell” to “Vogue”), establishing herself as someone who not only writes astonishingly catchy cuts, but knows a good tune when she hears it. It seemed only sensible, then, to celebrate the new Komik remix of her single “High” with a FEMME curated playlist of her favourite “Pussy Power” songs. Take a listen below, and let your inner Wonder Woman run wild….



Nancy Sinatra – ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’

No explanation needed if you’ve ever seen this video. What a hero.

The Slits – ‘Typical Girls’

In all honesty I’ve no idea what is going on in this video or this song but they’ve got spirit and lots of it. They can be in my Bullet Girl gang any day.

The Bangles – ‘In Your Room’

Greatness. From that opening guitar riff to that voice and don’t even get my started on the styling. Yes please, i’ll take one of each.

Madonna – Express Yourself Live At VMAs 1989
Where did this Madonna go? If I had a Madge time machine this is the era i’d go back to. This performance. The silhouette! The suits! Those fucking moves! Daymmmmn.

Salt ‘n’ Pepa – ‘Whatta Man ft. En Vogue’

Two of the greatest 90s girl groups in one tune. Nothing not to like here. Party perfection.

Destiny’s Child – ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’

The golden girls of 90s and noughties RnB. Find me a bunch of girls anywhere that were born in the 80s/90s that don’t lose their shit to this tune every time it comes on.

Ciara – ‘Like a Boy’

A seriously underrated pop star of the 2000s. I could watch her dance all day. I have great memories of dancing drunkenly to this tune with an alco-pop in my hand and a fake ID tucked into my bra.

Spice Girls – ‘Wannabe’

It wouldn’t be a pussy power playlist if I didn’t have these five girls in here would it. This song soundtracked some of my earliest childhood memories. I’m pretty sure I had the giant poster on my wall. And the stacked platform trainers.

Kate Tempest – ‘Lonely Daze’

I love the production on this record. The lyrics. The personality. I think she’s great. One of my favourite records of 2013.

FKA Twigs – ‘Papi Pacify’

From the first moment I saw this video I was absolutely spell bound. (just don’t read the youtube comments. Dummies). There’s not been a female artist in the past 10 years that’s captivated my attention so completely until now. FKA Twigs for Prime Minister, please.


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