For her part in next year’s big screen adaptation Aladdin, party pro Bip Ling teamed up with indie rock maven-turned-director Adam Green. Here, they chat paint, psychosis and pixel palisades

BIP LING 1 Bip wears black neoprene frill top by Simone Rocha from Browns Fashion and black net headpiece by Stephen Jones.

Taken from the Boys&Girls issue of Rollacoaster:

“BIPPING. MOOCHING. BLOGGING.” That’s right, as the Twitter biog of nightlife writer, designer and DJ Bip Ling suggests, she does a lot of, well, stuff. And she can add “thespianism” to her roll call of pursuits, playing Jasmine in a forthcoming adaptation of Aladdin. The film’s director and protagonist is Adam Green – famed for co-fronting New York anti-folk ensemble, The Moldy Peaches.

Kickstarter-funded, with a cast including Natasha Lyonne and Macaulay Culkin, Green’s sophomore film project is highly anticipated. The two met while they “were both DJing in Rome, about four years ago” and now, exclusively for Rollacoaster, they chat through the project.


Bip wear black and green fur coat by Roberto Cavalli.

Rollacoaster: When did you approach Bip about the role, Adam?

Bip: I remember when you first texted me – I had an acting class thing on my desk. I wanted to do it, anyway.

Adam: So you were already taking acting classes?

B:  I wasn’t yet, but I was literally about to make a phone call to my acting teacher, who I’ve seen loads of times now. But obviously I was absolutely thrilled. And when Adam asked me, I was like “As if! I’m going to be a Princess”. I was over the moon.

A: What made you want to get into acting?

B: I met an actress, (I can’t remember her name) at an event, and she was telling me that when she acts, it’s like somebody asking her to describe her favourite painting in a different body. I’m quite an emotional person, anyway. I’m quite intense: I can feel my emotions and then I’m just a complete psychopath… but  I can channel it in front of the camera now.

A: What’s your favourite line from the film?

B: When I rejected the Prince, that was so funny. I felt like a bitch. I had to say, “no, I’m about as arrogant as I look”.

A: In that scene, Bip is visited by the Prince of Monaco, who is played by Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl. He comes into the throne room and the Sultan has a reality show. He films it inside of his castle, and she’s scared that her father is using her to increase ratings and so she rejects the Prince in front of the world. So you felt like a bitch, Bip?

B: Yeah, I was just really mean.

A: So that’s what we’ve made her in this movie –  a vicious rejector of men. But then that is the archetype of the Princess in Aladdin in a way, you know? OK so, how was practicing lines? You came in really knowing your lines…

B: Yeah I did actually. I mean, it was all quite daunting – having like a whole script and having so many different sections or whatever. But I just read it and read it and read it and then I asked loads of people for advice. I actually asked Jude Law for some tips, and he said, “remember your lines for a good actor, ask the director loads of questions and just know the story back to front and inside out”. I’d ask Selina Giles – who is my acting teacher – so many questions. She was telling me to record the other person in the scene – let’s say Aladdin [played by Adam] – on my iPhone and listen to it on my headphones when I’m on the train and stuff.

Describe your working relationship…

B: I don’t know what it is about Adam, but he’s just a genius. Your script is simple and so funny and then your music [Green also scored the film] and the costumes – it all comes together so well.

A: What did you think about the costumes?

B: I think it’s the coolest thing that’s ever happened – you are literally going to become a fashion legend.

A: It only occurred to me today, when we were in the cave, that we are making a fantasy adventure movie.

B: Yeah, exactly. I can’t wait to get back onto the set now. Aren’t you meant to be chasing all the girls around? And I’m meant to be the girl that you can’t get!

A: Despite the fact that because the whole world’s made out of cardboard in the film, people are never going to believe that we made it in the corner of a little room.

B: Yeah, for sure. It’s mind-blowing how many things are made out of cardboard in it. I can’t quite believe it to be honest.

A: We even had papier-mâché car keys made for one of the trucks.

B: Yeah exactly, and Champagne. What else do you have? Oh yeah, there’s a cigarette – that was pretty sick.

A: It might be fun to take all the props and make a different movie, too.

B: Yeah, I want to make a movie. You’ve inspired me so much; inspired me to paint and make music and now make movies.

A: Maybe we can make an off-shoot thing, somehing like the Adventures of the Princess and Aladdin, or the Adventures of Princess Barbara.

B: I was actually thinking of making a movie called The Princess’ Day Off.

A: The Princess’ Day Off – I felt that way about the movie. How do you feel the film reflects the current state of fashion?

B: I think fashion’s going all “bell-bottoms” – so it reflects it, yeah.

A: We started painting on Bip’s pants when she got here. We painted some pockets on Bip’s butt, within an hour of her New York arrival. I painted on Bip’s shoes, because I wanted them to be baby blue and you can’t find that colour in regular clothes. Also, if someone spills, like, tomato sauce on the clothes, I’ll just paint it over it.

B: The set is incredible – it’s like Adam’s mind. How many sets have you made for the film?

A: Like 40, or something.

B: That is absolutely… they are the most amazing sets I’ve ever seen.

A: I wanted the sets to look pixelated, so I used these four-by-four pieces of cardboard that you could arrange like tiles on a wall. It looks a bit like a mosaic to start with  – then they get filed together, so we have this 20ft-long catalogue of all the scenes. It’s like a card library when you have all the different rooms lined up.

B: Yeah it’s sick… I’m writing my Princess song at the moment – actually, I think I’ve finally finished it.

A: What’s it like?

B: It’s like, “I’m in my coconut bra, yah?”… I’m calling it “Notorious B.I.P”.



Bip wears blue knitted zip jacket, tan leather skirt and black ankle boots all by Louis Vuitton.


Bip wears embellished leather dress by Gucci and black patent heels by Christian Louboutin.


Bip wears black structured coat, metallic lurex leggings and orange trainers all by Chanel.


Bip wears black structured coat, metallic lurex leggings and orange trainers all by Chanel.


Bip wears multicolour butterfly print lace dress by Valentino.


Bip wears multicoloured quilted dress and headband both by Chanel.

Photographer: Hayley Louisa Brown.

Fashion Editor: Andrew Davis

Words: Adelaide Ruddy

Hair & Makeup: Daniel Kolarie using M.A.C Cosmetics & Bumble and Bumble

Fashion Assistants: Sam Carder & Megan Blackburn

Hair Assistant: Sian Kboza.


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