This week’s #Wonderlist has all colours of the rainbow. We’ve got chilled out pop from newcomers Josef Salvat and Mating Ritual and the downright barmy courtesy of Jennifer ‘from-the-block’ Lopez and Latin madness from ‘Mr Worldwide’, Pitbull himself. A varied diet (of music) is good for you, right? If not, we hope you recover in time for next week.

Josef Salvat – ‘Open Season’

Josef Salvat’s new song ‘Open Season’ is magical, well crafted pop without pretention. The Australian singer, now based in the UK, balances the need for niggling chorus hooks and silky verses, with rounded production gracefully complimenting the velvety vocals. There’s something instantly recognizable about the song, while maintaining an elemental freshness that is so often lacking. With an equally brilliant EP, In Your Prime, Josef Salvat is one to get excited about.

Beatrice Eli – ‘Moment Of Clarity’

Any song that throws in a semi-Hall & Oats reference gets our vote, and Beatrice Eli’s ‘Moment Of Clarity’ does just that, harking back to Daryl and John’s ‘Maneater’. Spooky bounces and blipping synths frame this rather weird and wonderful song. It can, at times, be disconcerting, Eli’s soulful vocals juxtaposing with the avant-garde pop production. However, for some reason amalgamated together the track works, and is sure to get you skipping along.

Yasmin Green – ‘Ticking’

Who said that marimbas couldn’t be melancholic? Yasmin Green certainly doesn’t, and ‘Ticking’ pairs the wooden percussion instrument with elegant strings and reverbed vocals. There’s something poignant about the simplicity here, and Green’s vocals are given the room they need to soar, especially during the powerful middle eight. Songs like ‘Ticking’ are interesting, introverted and unusually profound, but they’re usually worth repeated listens to discover their uniqueness. We whole-heartedly recommend doing just that.

Ella Henderson – ‘Mirror Man’

We’re rather big fans of 18-year-old Ella Henderson here at Wonderland. And, having heard her debut album, we’re so glad that ‘Mirror Man’ is out there for the world to hear. One of the more playful tracks from the record, ‘Mirror Man’ is a rebuttal of a lover’s egotism. It’s fun with its throwback drums, flashes of piano and flecks of guitar. Henderson, once again, proves why vocally she’s at the top of her game. We love you Ella.

J-Lo – ‘Booty’ feat. Iggy Azalea

We love it when pop videos are almost ridiculously out of control, and J-Lo and Iggy-Iggz don’t fail us here. After watching the video for ‘Booty’ the song’s inherent madness becomes an afterthought, with the two divas shaking their behinds all over the shop. We’re insanely jealous of them both and their assets and can’t wait to don some sharp heels and a leotard the next time we happen to be near some cascading water. WERK.

Pitbull – ‘Fireball Feat. John Ryan’

We’re not quite sure when it happened, but Pitbull is no longer the abhorrent pop monster he once was for us. It’s something that we can’t quite explain but there’s a certain mystique surrounding ‘Mr Worldwide’ that we’re inexplicably drawn to. New track ‘Fireball’ isn’t much of a deviation from previous Pitbull material, but the Latin spices sprinkled throughout have got us really going. Pour us a Patron, we’re going dancing.

Tinashe – ‘Feels Like Vegas’

While we save our pennies for a trip to Vegas to see Britney, Tinashe has been there and is getting ‘2 on’, or at least her sex is the equivalent of the general rush of the strip (pun intended). Produced by mega-producers Stargate, ‘Feels Like Vegas’ is a sultry R&B sex jam that Tinahse does so well. There’s a wildness in the production that mirrors the licentiousness of Vegas, while Tinashe’s soft vocals act as a cooling mechanism, much like a vodka, lime and soda in a hot sweaty and filthy club. Get on it, gurrrl.

Rosie Lowe – Water Came Down

Rosie Lowe caught our attention last year with her sublime Right Thing EP. But, moving away from the moody aesthetic of her previous work, Lowe’s new track is a slice of disco influenced heaven. There are layers to the production that are instantly gratifying and insanely clever, tiny moments of percussion adding beautiful texture. The R&B breakdown during the middle eight is just too much. This is an aural adventure and it’s all rather lovely.

Night Terrors of 1927 – ‘When You Were Mine Feat. Tegan & Sara’


Comprised of Jarrod Gorbel and Blake Sennett, Night Terrors of 1927 might have a rather lengthy name, but don’t be put off as ‘When You Were Mine’ is rather great. A non-traiditional duet, Canadian sister duo Tegan and Sara also appear bringing a slice of sparkly heaven left over from their magnificent last album, Heartthrob. Shiny synths play out over guitars and 80s pop vocals, and large drums feel like they might divert attention from the melodies, but as the production builds the drums meld effortlessly behind the vocal harmonies. There’s a filmic quality to the song and it’s just screaming out to be used on a soundtrack. Just lovely.

Mating Ritual – ‘Game’

Mating Ritual is the new moniker for Pacific Air’s lead vocalist Ryan Marshall Lawhon who is going it solo with some seriously chill pop. Laidback Californian vocal effects, sparse drum patterns and swooshy synths style out ‘Game’ like the West Coast at sunset. But don’t get it twisted, there are big, if subdued, pop melodies here, laying in wait amongst the lovely production. Curl up and enjoy, bbz.

Alim Kheraj

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