Hunter took us on a trippy immersive journey, celebrating the infamous wetter-than-wet British summer to a stellar soundtrackHunter Original Look 35


Seymour Leisure Centre

Taking place on the site of an original swimming pool, the once deep vessel was re-imagined at height – a four sided digital screen playing a film by visual artist Mat Maitland backdropped the show. Whilst the swimming pool is no longer, we were surrounded by the sounds of children splish, splash, sploshing and giggling with glee from the moment we entered the space and when you took the heat into consideration, it was pretty damn believable. But no, we weren’t waiting to watch our [insert family member here] to win their swimming race, this was a fashion show and boy did we know it when Hunter unveiled their first look.

HMS Hunter

As the models walked showcasing Hunter’s stellar SS15 looks ranging from military style two pieces and oversized fine knitwear, to belted outerwear, innovative yet functional anoraks and glistening lolly-pop hued Perspex bowling bags (that would fit all of your swimming kit); each onlooker was immersed in a surrealist trippy underwater world, celebrating the infamous wetter-than-wet British summer. From submarines and carousel horses sashaying across the screen to the donuts, oranges and strawberries raining down, Mat Maitland’s film provided a visually exciting spectacle.

It’s raining Hunter sliders

It’s not often you get a show that incorporates a trip-hop heavy playlist, but John Gosling’s sound selection could not be faulted. With Roots Manuva’s classic ‘Witness’ pleasing the crowd, we also heard Metronomy’s ‘Reservoir’ in the mix, but for us the moment it rained Hunter sliders to the sound of Garbage’s ‘I only like you when it rains’ stole the sonic spotlight.

Hunter Original Look 18

Hunter Original Look  33

Hunter Original Look 5

Words: Brooke McCord