Wonderland chats to 19 year old rising star Saint Raymond about life on the road and his metaphysical moniker

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Saint Raymond, AKA Callum Burrows, is Bastille meets Two Door Cinema Club all wrapped up in one, 19-year-old package. Already, the Nottingham-born singer-songwriter has received the tick of approval from BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephen and Zane Lowe, and has supported mega girl band Haim during their 2013 UK and European tour. Fresh off his own European headline tour — which saw him play in locations from Ibiza and Mallorca, to Glastonbury Festival and most recently, Reading Festival — Burrows is about to hit the road again, this time supporting Britain’s favourite red-headed pop-folk singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran. Currently working on his debut album, we talk to Burrows about collaborating with music producing great, Jacknife Lee, his new track “I Want You”, and who puts the “Raymond” in Saint Raymond.

This year’s been pretty hectic for you. You toured all throughout the UK and Europe and recently played at Reading Festival. How’ve you found the past few months? 

They’ve been amazing, thanks! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind but playing shows is my favourite part of the job, so I’ve loved it.

Obviously you get asked this all the time, but why “Saint Raymond”?

The “Saint” part is to do with where I live, and “Raymond” was my Grandad’s name so I just put the two together and here I am!

Amongst all of today’s YouTube sensations,” how did you get discovered?

Well, I did a couple of bits for BBC Introducing early on, which helped massively. It all grew quite naturally, which was nice. I had done a few online covers but nothing major…I don’t think you could have called me a YouTube sensation!

What’s the response been to your new single, I Want You”?

It’s been really good for me and so great to get some new music out there. I got to shoot the official video in the desert outside of LA.

How was working with Jacknife Lee who helped to produce it? Surely the man behind some of Crystal Castles, Bloc Party and Blur’s tracks knows a thing or two

It’s been amazing. He’s a really good guy and I’ve learnt so much from him. He’s obviously worked with some brilliant names so it’s great to now be a part of that.

How do you feel when people compare your sound to that of Bastille or Two Door Cinema Club? Do you like being compared to other artists or not so much?

I don’t mind it. I think that people like to compare artists, particularly when someone is new, so I’m bound to be compared. I personally really like Bastille and Two Door Cinema Club so it’s a good thing to me.

You’re currently recording your new album. What can we expect? Will any of the tracks from your Ghosts EP be appearing on it?

There may be a couple of the tracks from that one. All of the EPs I have released so far have been the stepping stone to where I am now, so it’s very much of that nature and sound. There will also be lots of new tracks that I’m currently working on.

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You opened for the Haim sisters during their 2013 UK and European tour. What’s your best anecdote from the trip? 

I think my favourite was on the last night when my band and I were chilling after the show… the girls ran up to our dressing room to give me some champagne to say thanks for coming on tour; it was super sweet.

You’ve been confirmed as the support act for Ed Sheeran’s Autumn 2014 UK and European tour.  How did that come about?

I got to know Ed a little bit and he literally just sent me a text one morning asking if I’d be up for it. It was definitely one of the crazier texts I’ve ever received. He actually came down to my KOKO show earlier this year.

At 19, you’ve already achieved so much. What do you hope to have accomplished by this time next year?

I’ve always been cautious of looking too far ahead. I’d love to have played some bigger stages at festivals and have the album out, but for now, I’m just looking ahead to the Ed Sheeran tour and cracking on with that. There’s so much more to come!

Saint Raymond will be supporting Ed Sheeran on his UK & Ireland arena tour next month. His new single I Want You’ is out now.

Words: Steph King


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