From new girl Vérité to Wonderland favourite Charli XCX, we select our Top Ten tracks of the week.

Whether it’s crazy videos and tracks from established artists we love, or an obscure slice of heaven we stumbled upon on Tuesday evening, here at Wonderland we get very excited about music. For this reason, each week we thought we’d share ten tracks that got us all excited over the last seven days. Whether they’re new, old, or just completely amazing, we think deserve your attention and love, and we hope you enjoy them!

Vérité – ‘Weekend’

Having spent a bit of time with Vérité, we know that there’s something rather special about the rising Brooklyn based popstar. With ‘Weekend’ she manages to convey the morbidity of Lana Del Rey with the bouncy production of Tove Lo. The result is something beautifully melancholic and completely absorbing.

Nicole Scherzinger – ‘On The Rocks’

Nicole’s current musical trajectory is veering far left of commercial pop; it’s neither immediate nor that radio friendly. But, like the singer herself, there’s a wackiness to it that’s endearing and quite infectious. With ‘On The Rocks’ Nicole has divided listeners, but this break-up ballad is one that deserves a few spins.

Zola Jesus – ‘Dangerous Days’

With ‘Dangerous Days’, Zola Jesus takes her powerhouse vocals, adding synths and soaring melodies. The recently unveiled video, directed by artist Tim Saccenti, sees the singer standing against mountainous terrain, the immutable and wild power of nature complimenting the building track. The result is magnificently primitive but wonderfully reassuring.

Gerard Way – ‘No Shows’

Being the lead singer of one of the biggest pop-punk-rock bands ever might make the transition into a solo artist difficult. Luckily, Gerard Way has embraced the challenges head-on. His solo debut, ‘No Shows’, draws on the stalwarts of Britpop, like Pulp and Blur, to create a vintage, highly melodic and refreshingly different sound. Yes, Gerard, yes!

Sohn – ‘The Chase’

His album was one full of surprises, but producer/singer Sohn knows what he’s doing. Having randomly appearing on his Soundcloud, ‘The Chase’ is smooth slice of atmospheric nu-R&B. There’s a soulfulness here not often found, as Sohn’s light falsetto glides over emotive 80s synths and a belly rumbling bass. It won’t be long until pop’s landscape is filled with Sohn-like productions.

Say Lou Lou – ‘Instant Crush’ (Daft Punk Cover)

Say Lou Lou manage to bring an added element of sadness to this Daft Punk and Julian Casablancas cover. The duo’s soft, airy vocals transform the robotic original into a song drenched in human emotion, the dreamy slowed down production swirling and enveloping the track, making it almost unrecognizable. Excuse us while we wipe away a tear (or three).

Charli XCX – ‘Break The Rules’

How glad we are that the world is finally recognizing Charli XCX for the super popstar that she is. Her latest single ‘Break The Rules’ is bratty, shout-y and brilliantly catchy. The high-school themed video sees the singer brimming full of attitude, the 90s throwbacks in full force. And that moment she turns up to prom in a nightgown…props, Charli. *praise hands emoji*.

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – ‘Bang Bang’

In what will go down in pop history as the most subdued of collaborations (lol), Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj prove that women do it better. Like the song, the video is big, brash, colourful and completely in your face. But, what were you expecting? One minute we’re in the street with Jessie, getting dressed with Ariana and on a helipad with Nicki, before the trio come together and sing all over each other. We might need a lie down…

Milk and Bone – ‘Coconut Water’

Hailing from Montreal and comprised of Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and Camille Poliquin, Milk and Bone are another female duo serving some hazy realness. Like the song’s namesake, the track acts as a pick me up, cuddling you in its lax production and plinkity electronics.

Laura Welsh x Ang Low – Lifeline

Laura Welsh has already captured out interest this year, but this track is properly stellar. Joining forces with the soulful Ang Low, the pair’s vocals blend effortlessly, as the song’s minimal and experimental production swells around them. It’s instantly exciting but mellow, with the vocals blending seamlessly into track, becoming one with the soft instrumental elements. This is completely wonderful.

Alim Kheraj

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