We catch up with Johan Tunebjer, the man behind the must-have bag of the moment: Holger

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Holger Bags, although only founded in 2013, are a brand enriched with heritage, with history at its roots. The brand is named after designer Johan Tunebjer’s grandfather, Holger, who would show Johan the suitcases that he would take around the world on his far-flung adventures. Even the brands logo references Holger, paying homage to his small sausage dog, Ila.

Creating a unity between vintage aesthetics and the need for technological utilities, the bags offer sleek, elegant, old-fashioned design whilst being equipped with a power pack capable of charging your phone twice over. They’re also durable against rain and are shockproof to ensure that your relationship with a Holger bag is a long-lasting one. We got the opportunity to catch up with the man behind the magic Johan Tunebjer, to discuss his thought process behind the dynamic brand.

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The designs are clearly influenced by vintage suitcases, what is it that drew you to this sort of design?

They are influenced by vintage suitcases that’s true! I think it’s something that’s has been a part of me since I was a little kid. I have always been inspired by old things, like designed furniture, hats, clothing and of course bags/suitcases. I love to hear the story behind each vintage item, to me it makes it much more interesting! I grew up in a old house with a mix of old and new things and I think that it is a wonderful combination when those items work together in harmony. I think the same when it comes to fashion and accessories, it is so nice to see a person that uses a pair of vintage glasses together with a brand new style! So i think mixing is good…If you do it the right way.

I started collecting old suitcases some years ago and one day in my grandfathers old house the idea came to me: Why not design a new bag for our modern needs, but with a touch of that vintage style that I just love!

The bags are made in a material that’s influenced by what they used in the good old days, but we improved it. It´s vulcanized fiber that can withstand rain and also strong enough to protect your computer. For me a long durability of the material is as important as the design.

How do you think these designs resonate in the modern day?

I think and hope it will resonate well! The trends of retro design has never been bigger than now  and I think that will help a lot. No doubt about it.

Launching a new brand is a challenge, but when you got creative and experienced people around that believe in you and your product, you are blessed! I can only hope for the best, but lets just say that I have a great feeling about Holger Bags. There are lots of people that told me they fell in love with the bag at first sight. That’s got to be a good sign!

Can you explain the colour choices?

All colours except one are inspired by the environment around my grandfather’s house in Småland, Sweden. The Spruce green is influenced by the forests, Lake Blue from the small lake close to the house, Stone Black by the dark stones in the lake, Sunflower orange by flowers he grew around the house. And last but not less important is the original Brown, which is the colour of his his favourite bag!

What made you add the technical aspect of charging electronics through the bags?

When I was thinking about the never-ending issues of phones and tablets short battery life the idea came to me! Why not just add a charging devise inside the bag? It’s perfect if you are traveling or spending a day on the town and you want to stay updated on your social media, if you take a lot pictures or shoot videos without having to worry about your phone running out of charge. You can recharge your phone up to two times.

Where do you see Holger in the future?

We will continue to focus on developing recyclable materials and technologies – all wrapped together in the coolest bag ever!


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Words: Ryan Cahill


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