We catch-up with Glasgow-trio Prides following their performance at the Commonwealth Games…

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Glasgow trio Prides have had en especially busy few weeks, what with playing the Closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow alongside Kylie Minogue.

For Stewart Brock, Callum Wiseman and Lewis Gardner, the boys of Glasgow based synth rockers Prides, have gone from putting their first EP online last April, to supporting their favourite band from their teenage days Blink 182. It’s safe to say that after they performed ‘Messiah’ at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony, people have definitely sat up and noticed. We managed to grab some time with Stewart to chat about what they’ve got planned for the future, and what it was like to play to millions of viewers all over the world.

We have to firstly ask, playing the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games; how did that come about?

The musical director Stuart Nesbitt heard the track [Messiah],  and he thought it would do really well with what they had planned. He got in touch with us asking to be involved. It was nothing more sordid than that.

How was it playing to a packed crowd at Hampden Park?

It was a bit surreal! It was one of those things that had a really long build up for what was essentially three and a half minutes. It’s not quite how we imagined our first time playing to a packed Hampden might be (laughing).

Prides KOKO London 210514 By Jason Williamson

Did you manage to get down to see any of the Games?

I did manage to see a bit of the boxing, I saw Charlie Flynn the Scottish boxer win gold, and it was just really good to get along to see some of it. What with the Olympics a few years ago, which was amazing, but it’s really incredible how quickly that seems to have gone by, and I was really determined to get down to something, especially since it was in Glasgow. It was organised really well and everyone was really positive about the whole thing.

So there was a good vibe in Glasgow?

Yeah town was a bit rammed, it was so busy. It was crazy but everyone was really nice; all the volunteers did a good job of keeping everyone right.

What sport do you think you would compete in then?

Oh god! I might have to be one of the volunteers, sports aren’t really our forte. I used to be able to play badminton; I might try my hand at that. Or boxing, I mean I’ve never been in a fight in my life, but yeah don’t mess with me!

Has everything gone mad for you since last weekend?

It has been really busy since that Sunday, I guess we kind of prepared a little bit because people were saying about the viewing figures. But we weren’t quite prepared when it happened, for how positive the reaction would be, especially being a relatively unknown band. But for everyone to be getting in touch saying that they loved the song, people saying it was their highlight has been really great.

You’ve been together as a band for about 2 years now, how did you all meet?

Me and the Lewis [the drummer] have been playing in bands together for nearly ten years now, that we’ve known each other. We met Calum a few years ago doing a different project, that has kind of evolved to Prides as it is now. We put our first track online in April of last year, so yeah everything has sort of happened since then. We’ve been lucky enough to go over to the states a few times. We’ve done some really great tours with Foxes and Magic Man on the West Coast of America, and we did South by South West, it’s all been amazing, really really good.

You also just supported Blink 182, are you big fans?

Yeah massive fans! It was the band that all of us at thirteen/fourteen listened to, as we were getting into music, getting into bands, they were the band who really started it all, for all of us. Supporting them it is something that I never thought would happen, certainly.

You’ve got a single coming out at the end of September, when can we expect an album?

We’re not far off [finishing it], so hopefully at the beginning of next year we’ll get the album out.

You’re playing the BBC introducing stage at Reading and Leeds at the end of the month, who do you want to see over the weekend?

We really want to go and see Paramour, all of us are like we HAVE to try and fit in seeing Paramour, that’s it! We were at BBC introducing last year, and we had such a good reception and had an amazing time at both festivals, so were really looking forward to going back and obviously headlining that stage this year.

And you’ve just announced your first headline tour in the Autumn?

Yeah we’ve got that coming up, which is going to be a bit terrifying, but hopefully it will be amazing.

Even after playing in Hampden?

Haha yeah, it will be a walk in the park I suppose.

What other Glasgow bands are you fan of?

I mean obviously there are some really good ones. Were obviously big fans of Chvrches, of Honeyblood they’re great, a band called Pronto Manor they’re really good, FatherSon most stuff coming out of Glasgow at the moment, and its really different stuff, its exciting to be a part of.

Prides KOKO London 210514 By Jason Williamson

Prides KOKO London 210514 By Jason Williamson

Words: Siobhan Frew



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