We chat to Vancouver-based Swiss-producer Cyril Hahn, about Canadian hangouts, art history and his first encounter with house ahead of W.A.R IbizaCyril Hahn

When did you first decide music was your thing?

I’ve always really been into music – both as a listener and musician – but the realisation that I could pursue music as a career came very late. Growing up, music has always been a hobby but I never dared dreaming that I could turn it into something more.

What did you grow up listening to?

My parents were really open minded and listened to a lot of different stuff… blues, jazz, classical music, rock… I ’d say that definitely shaped my childhood. I also have an older brother that I looked to when I was little, so I’d often copy him and listen to what he was listening to. That’s how I got into punk and hardcore music as a teenager.

What about house music, when did you first encounter that?

I think it was mostly French House stuff such as Alan Braxe, Daft Punk that I discovered in my late teens. After that I really got into acts such as The Field, Pantha du Prince etc, or what some people would call “Micro House”. It was only about 2 years ago that I really got into house music.

So how do you go about deciding which tracks you remix?

It’s usual the vocals. I look for hooks or sounds that really stand out to me.

Talk us through the process once you decide on the track?

It’s really different every time; I try not to rely on any formulas and apply them blindly. Sometimes I start with the vocals, chop them up and loop a short segment. Then I’ll add drums to that loop, followed by synths. Other times I start with a bassline or synth lead that I’m really into and add the vocals last.

Do you prefer working with instrumental or vocal?

Definitely vocals. Instrumentals are what I can come up with on my own so vocals are a bit more exciting.

How did it feel proving to the world you weren’t just a one trick pony when you released ‘Perfect Form’?

It was great. I mainly just wanted to prove it to myself and I think that I achieved that. It’s nice to be able to move past the remixes and focus on original material instead.

I read you majored in Art History, does that ever come in handy these days?

I haven’t actually majored as I quit university to pursue my music. I think the one thing I learned was to really dissect or deconstruct a piece of art to its single elements, which I can apply to music as well.

Where is the best gig you have ever played?

There’s many favourites but it’s always fun to play in a country/city I haven’t been to yet. I’m really looking forward to my first show in Japan this summer for example.

Japan is amazing. If we came to Vancouver to say hi, where would you take us?

I would probably take you to Lighthouse Park. It’s a bit outside the city but it’s the best place to spend a day in the summer. There’s nice woods and cliffs by the ocean. Great spot for a picnic and some drinks.

Sounds great. What does the rest of 2014 have in store for you?

I just got back from a tour in Europe but I’m heading back there for more shows in July. At the end of July I’m headed to Japan for a festival. In August I’m doing a North American tour which is gonna be very different from most tours, you’ll find out more soon. In terms of released, I wrapped up a couple of songs during spring which should be coming out on an EP on PMR Records soon. One of the songs will be premiered next month I think. I’ll still be playing shows in the fall but I set a lot of time aside for studio time so hopefully I’ll be able to release an album eventually.

See Cyril Hahn at W.A.R! in Ibiza 11th July. For more information please visit ibizarocks.com/war/ .


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