The Stockholm, Swedenbased indie-pop quintet who broke out big last year are poised to make an even bigger splash with their latest single.


After the release of their debut track, ‘Killing Switch’ in 2013, Last Lynx were almost immediately hailed as an important new talent. Since then they have been continuing their ongoing resurgence of indie-pop with a string of sunny, addictive melodies, and now their stunning new single, ‘Curtains’, is set to consolidate their success and introduce them to a wider audience.

The band — composed of Robin Eveborn, Marcus Lindblom, Kim Lindqvist, Camilla Dahlstedt and Fredric Lindblom — owes its sound to a combination of influences. Hearing the five-piece’s music brings about memories of the kind of sounds that ruled the radio airwaves in the mid-70s. We recently spoke with Fredric from Last Lynx, five Swedish friends who just want to party and make people happy.

Let’s start at the very beginning. Could you tell me a bit about how you first met?

I knew Robin a bit from school, that’s probably where we really first met. But we first met with intentions of starting a band in summer 2011, after a bit of facebooking. Robin had just got home from San Fransisco, and none of us were in a band at the time, so we decided to start one.

Where did the Last Lynx name come from?

I think we all liked the idea of a name that had something to do with animals, and so we did a lot of brainstorming which led us nowhere. Then someone said “Lynx”, and we all really liked it, and the “Last” was added in because it sounded and felt right.

What’s your objective?

To make music that we love, and you too, hopefully.

What influences your style your style of writing and your ability on drums and guitar?

I think we are all inspired by other music, other art, other people — and that influences our style. We love to play music, and doing that makes us feel good, or bad, or anything. It’s like riding a wave, and you feel you just have to stay on it, no matter what.

Which song do you wish you had written?

‘Wish You Were Here’ by Pink Floyd.

What’s your songwriting process like?

Most of the time, Robin’s got the initial idea or demo, and we get together and add to it and it grows into the final song bit by bit. We write a lot ourselves and a lot as a group, and I think it’s a really nice thing to have both, because sometimes ideas develop better when you work alone, and sometimes when you work as a group.

So, how would you describe the chemistry you have with each other in your songs?

I think Robin and Camilla’s voices work really well together, they vibrate together, and that alone create chemistry or energy in the songs. Also, Robin is a great producer, and we love working together so that helps too.

Who are some of your favourite musicians?

Yukimi Nagano, Damon Albarn, Julian Casablancas, Hansson & Karlsson.

How has your sound developed from your first track, ‘Killing Switch,’ to the most recent?

The most recent songs have a bit more of a live feeling to them, because we have used more live sounds, especially on the drums. I think the sound is still very similar, and we do try to keep it that way, while still trying to keep an open mind and trying new ideas.

So tell me a bit about your new single ‘Curtains.’ What did you learn making this record?

It’s a song about break-ups and summer daze, where you just waste your days on someone you can’t have. It was kind of easy to write, in the way, that it turned out the way we wanted without too much trouble [laughs.] I guess we learned that if we run out of synthesizer sounds, we can just use Robin’s voice instead.

What’s the reception been thus far?

It has been great. The remixes have received a lot of attention too, which is really nice.

What’s the best reaction for someone to possibly have after hearing your music for the first time?

Crying? Or is that the worst one? When people feel touched or inspired by our music, that’s a really good one.

Is there anything missing from contemporary music?

Not really, there is so much music nowadays so I think we’ve got most of it covered. Everything always changes too, so I think it’s hard to say if anything is missing or not right now.

What direction do you see the band moving in? What’s next?

We really want to write a full length album. That would be really cool. And also, we have some ideas of songs featuring other artists that we are excited about.


Curtains’ is out now. Last Lynx will play Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on August 1, and Koppaberg’s Urban Forest on August 2.

Words: Noel Phillips


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