Red Bull Catwalk Studio presents a soundtrack collaboration between Nasir Mazhar and Skepta for LC:M AW15, we catch up with Mazhar to find out more

Nasir Mazhar X Skepta LCM

One of the UK’s most exciting menswear designers renowned for his fully immersive, all-branded, logo-emblazoned, new-rock influenced, gas-masked model catwalk fiasco’s has teamed up with UK grime frontman Skepta, in collaboration with Red Bull Catwalk Studio for his AW15 L:CM show soundtrack and after-show party.

Arguably one of the most anticipated collaborations at this year’s L:CM showcase, the partnership is a continuation of Red Bull Catwalk Studio’s tradition of uniting the most captivating of young contemporary emerging talents from both the spheres of fashion and music.

Whilst neither party needs an introduction, Skepta’s grime sounds have previously acted as inspiration for Mazhar’s work, with the designer frequently looking to the genre of grime to accompany his presentations. So whilst there was no better fit, the duo have spent the last two months at Red Bull Studios creating an original soundtrack for the show which takes place this Tuesday June 17th, at which Skepta will walk in a custom designed Nasir Mazhar jacket born from the collaboration. Following the show, the full Nasir experience will be continued at the Nasir Mazhar X Skepta party at Bethnal Green’s Metropolis strip club. We caught up with Nasir himself to hear more about the partnership…

Nasir Mazhar X Skepta LCM

Tell us about the collaboration so far…

Nasir Mazhar: Basically I came to Nina at Redbull with an ideawe wanted to make to come to life and really realize that idea. It’s perfect because Sceptre’s a legend, he’s such a pro, so it’s perfect, a perfect match. We’re working on an original soundtrack to the show produced by Skepta and then we’re working on the after show party as well – the line up, the flow of the line-up, the imagery, visuals, DJ’s and such. It’s like curating basically. It’s the first time that I’ve been able to work with a professional musician, producing a track specifically for us, really taking into consideration the seating music, the intro music, the journey that the music takes you on, the kind of emotions it’s going to evoke and what it’s going to make you think, feel and believe.

So a fully immersive experience really. So will it mirror the music you listen to whilst you work on your collections?

NM: Well I do listen to all sorts of music, well not all sorts, but I listen to a lot of things. Different music for different things.When I really need to concentrate and try to find that place in my head, I’ll listen to something more chilled like Kelela – she’s been on repeat. Like a weeks repeat as well. But when I’m more creative, so actually making something and designing something or trying to draw something, trying to drape something, trying to physically make something – I put on grime. Just because it evokes so much energy in me. So much energy.

It’s such a powerful, energetic sound…

NM: It’s because the music itself is really original. For me personally, it encourages original thought. The music is so original to me that it influences the originality in me. The whole world of it, you know? The whole world of grime and sound, like the aesthetic sound of grime, if that makes sense? It really inspires me.

That totally makes sense. What about the collection can you give anything away?

A lot of designing is done while making, so there’s a lot of draping. We always do the masks, we’re always into that. It comes from my hat making background. It’s hard to say what to expect because the collection is never a concept, it’s never based on one specific thing. Personally I would say it’s like a new wardrobe for me, almost like a new uniform. Not that only I wait for, but loads of other people have been waiting for people wear it head to toe. So really it’s about developing, not only that aesthetic, but also that product, the uniform. As in the cap, the holster, the sweat top, the jogging bottoms, two-piece suit, three piece suit, tracksuit obviously – it’s about developing that product range.

I understand when people do something completely different every season, I totally get it, and it’s really exciting. But for me, personally, it is about doing something different and exciting each season but with the same aesthetic and customer – their aesthetic and my aesthetic won’t change. It’s really about the developing of a product. So expect to see a lot of what you’ve seen before, developed, because it has been new. It is like a progression, lets just wait and see…

Excited, isn’t the word!

The Nasir Mazhar X Skepta SS15 soundtrack will be available on the Red Bull Catwalk Studio website from Tuesday June 17th.