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What better way to kick-start another working week than discovering a stimulating, emerging musical talent.

Allow us to introduce you to Elizabeth Rose; an Aussie songwriter / producer who is starting to make a rather colossal splash on this side of the pond. We’re engrossed in her melodic electro-pop, perfect Springtime vibes and layered, catchy melodies which sit comfortably alongside her love of bold beats. We quizzed her about a whole hoard of things so read on to find out more.

Try your best to describe Elizabeth Rose in 5 words

Fun, quirky, emotional, dark, beats.

How has a place like Sydney shaped you as a creative. How has it inspired you musically?

I never really think about how Sydney has shaped me…I’ve always just made music that I love to listen to and music that sounds good to me – sonically I’m not influenced by the city I live in. I’ve always loved dance music and pop/rnb growing up as a young girl…watching Video Hits on Saturday mornings before dance classes marvelling at Missy Elliot/Christina Aguilera/Aaliyah/Destinys Child.

What’s the scene like in Sydney in comparison to other cities that you have visited?

After coming back from New York last year I have a new opinion on the scene in Sydney – moreso the live music scene, there just isn’t much going on over here when NY is constantly buzzing even on the subway with amazing buskers! It doesn’t help when we have ridiculous 1 30am lockout laws just put in place that affects live venues/clubs. I mean Sydney isn’t that bad, but yeah – there’s room for improvement for sure.

You have quite an unconventional sound. What inspires that?

When I’m writing I really like to push myself creatively to put together sounds that are unique and refreshing to my own ears. I listen to a wide variety of genres from jazz to house to rap to minimal techno to rnb to pop! From every song I love and listen to in these genres I am influenced subconsciously from their melodies, complex rhythms and production sounds.

Are you loving any music coming out of the UK at the moment?

I love Lone and his side project Kona Triangle…also a big fan of Caribou, James Blake and AlunaGeorge. Caribou’s album Swim is always a great reference/point of inspiration for me…amazing production and variety of synths used.

Dream collaboration? If you could make a track with any other musician either dead or alive, who would be your first choice?

The Knife for sure!

Tell us more about ‘Sensibility’?

Sensibility is a track I wrote about a relationship falling apart and I knew I wanted it to be a throwback to early 00’s RnB!

How did TOKiMONSTA find the track? That remix is HUGE.

Thanks! Yeah it’s a great remix. I supported her show last year in Sydney and gave her an old ep of mine then we started chatting over email about working together! She was keen to do the remix and now we are working on a song together.

Have you ever favoured a track of yours once it’s been remixed and wished you’d have made it and put it out?

Hmmm nope have never really thought of that. My favourite remix to date has to be the Alba remix of The Good Life

3 things that you like?

Chocolate, sleep and dancing

3 things that you dislike?

Chilli, long flights and Sandra Bullocks voice

Favourite place you’ve visited?

New York!

Favourite song in the whole world?

It changes daily! At the moment though? Probably Honey by Mariah Carey

Lucky number?

Used to, it never brought luck though so threw that out the window

Favourite film / actor / actress?

I’m loving the last few films by Lars Von Triers, especially Melancholia…Cate Blanchett is my fave Actress

Which song do you wish you’d written, by another artist?

Somebody that I used to know by Gotye ft Kimbra.

The most played song on your iPod / iTunes?

I checked in my iTunes – it’s an album demo I’m working on at the moment, I wrote it about a girl I don’t like and it’s really gratifying to listen back to.


Check out more from Elizabeth Rose.

Words: Shane Hawkins


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