Fresh from supporting Haim, we grill New Zealand’s brother and sister duo, BROODS and find out which one of them still holds a flame for Lou Bega.












Kiwi duo Broods aka Caleb and Georgia Nott, first caught our ear at the end of last year when we heard that they had teamed up with pop-producer of the moment, Joel Little on their debut single ‘Bridges’.

Little was also responsible for production duties on their debut EP as well as being behind ‘Pure Heroine’ by New Zealand’s other biggest musical export Lorde. It seems that between them, they are capitalising the fact that all eyes are on New Zealand for emerging talent at the moment. We had a chat with them via the powers of the internet all the way from Auckland.

You’re a brother and sister duo so have you always been playing music together as you were growing up? 

Caleb: We’ve been playing music together since we were able to, but we only started to write together in our later years of High School. We had a really good music department there and were encouraged to write and record original music throughout our time there. Also our parents are very musical and we performed as much as we could whether it was in church or for the public.

Is there an sibling rivalry?

Caleb: We haven’t really ever had sibling rivalry which is a bit boring I guess. We get along really well and always have, so it’s really natural for us to work on a project like this together.

What’s the music scene like in NZ and how do you think it compares to the UK?

Caleb: It’s still rather small and very intimate, which is so cool. Everyone knows each other and goes to each other’s shows. It’s no where near as fast paced as the UK, everyone is super relaxed and things move a little slower here.

Has music always been the main focus or did you guys ever have a plan B option?

Caleb: Until the end of last year I was studying industrial design, which I really enjoyed too so I guess that would be the “plan b”. Georgia on the other hand has only ever wanted to be a singer and a song writer, I can’t ever see her doing anything else!

What other musicians really inspire you to do what you do?

Caleb: We both have different influences. I’m influenced by artists such as Thom Yorke, Moderat and SOHN. Georgia is more influenced by fearless female vocalists such as Natasha from Bat for Lashes and Lykke Li.

Who would be on the list of collaborators if you had to introduce a third member?

Caleb: SOHN, James Blake and TEED would definitely be on my list!

Give us an insight into the new EP?

Caleb: We wrote the EP over the course of last year so it’s rather contrasting as we kept developing our sound throughout the writing process. We wrote heaps of songs that didn’t come close to making the EP and experimented with so many genres. I guess the songs on the EP are the ones that felt the most relevant to us and the most true to what we wanted to sound like.

Will the album pack any surprises or will it be a slow-burning progression from the EP?

Caleb: It’s gonna have it fair share of peaks and valleys emotionally and musically. Everyone will just have wait and see! We still don’t know what it’s going to be like haha!

Have you been starstruck yet? Met any of your idols?

Caleb: We were pretty excited when Marina from Marina and the Diamonds turned up at our show at the Notting Hill Arts Club, and proceeded to say that she was a fan and asked whether she could have a photo. Our reaction went somewhere along the lines of “Are you kidding me! Can we have one with you!”.

Best live gig to date?

Caleb: The crowd at our first show in LA were absolutely amazing, we never thought people would be lining up around the block to see us let alone singing along to all the songs!

And the worst?

Caleb: We haven’t had one yet! Still waiting nervously for that one…

What are the most played songs on your iTunes?

Caleb: Pretty much every song on Gnarls Barkley’s “St Elswhere” album!

What are you favourite guilty pleasure tracks?

Caleb: “Mambo No 5” Lou Bega

Georgia: “Story of My Life” One Direction


Broods’ debut UK single ‘Never Gonna Change’ and self-titled EP are both out now!

Words: Shane Hawkins