‘Bringing Down The Lights’ has made us realise just how much we enjoy Bashy, so we gave him a call to see how he’s doing.

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The new single sounds pretty different from what we’ve come to expect from you. Has it been a conscious effort to make more commercially sounding tracks?

I just want to make what I want, when I feel I like it, I guess that’s the benefit I have with being Independent. I’ve got loads of different styles & moods, now is just the time to showcase it. I think people tried to pigeon hole me because I made “Black Boys”, like I should always be making that type of song but in reality that’s one side to me, there’s loads of others.

What can we expect from the album? Any exciting collaborations?

I’ve always got good features and some sick producers on my projects because we aim for quality. Some established names will definitely be on there though but I also regularly work with emerging talent so it’s not a bandwagon kind of thing. Dope music is dope music; talent is talent, the names only matter when it comes to marketing in my opinion. Jareth wasn’t a household name before These Are The Songs or Bring the Lights Down but they’re both bangers cos she’s a sick singer songwriter, so she goes on the track and in the video.

Do you feel that there’s a slight expectation of a young creative coming from the BRIT school? Did you ever feel the pressure to be a success story?

Maybe but I didn’t think that when I was there. I just wanted somewhere that would allow me to express myself creatively with like-minded teenagers and BRIT was the perfect place. I had my best educational experiences at BRIT.

How did the music thing happen? Did you career always lean towards theatre and acting?

I always loved music. My sister and me used to perform at a kids musical theatre group every week, she’s younger but was actually better at everything. For rapping, I used to just follow my older cousin, he was into it so I just followed suit and my passion for it grew. Acting wise, that’s what I studied at BRIT, so that’s what I always wanted to do from young. My biggest inspiration was and still is Will Smith because he did both and I just wanted to be like him when I was younger.

You used to be a bus driver and a postman. Surely you must have some rather interesting stories..?

How long you got? (Laughs) Well I crashed the bus a couple of times. I don’t know whether I should say but women used to try and invite me to their houses when I was delivering their post in Hampstead but it used to make me feel like prey so I weren’t on it, that happened more than once.

How did you become involved in films, namely Adulthood?

I watched Kidulthood in the cinema and was a little pissed that I wasn’t involved but I said to myself if they make another like that, I’m gonna be involved, Laws of Attraction I guess. Noel [Clarke] heard The Chupa Chups mixtape, which people to this day come and tell me it’s the best mixtape ever (laughs) but anyway he heard that and I sampled Kidulthood all over that tape and Noel reached out, he’s cool like that. I then brought him music from all the hot up and coming rappers at the time because it wasn’t about being selfish at that moment for me, it was about spreading the culture, this is 2007 you know? Before it was cool, to be cool, if you know what I mean. That was just a real moment.

If you could replace any leading actor in a role which Actor would it be and in what film?

Denzel Washington in Malcolm X. He deserved an Academy Award for that.

What’s your favourite film of the last decade?

I wanted to say “Braveheart” but after Googling it it turns out that was out 19 tears ago! I love “There Will Be Blood” .

If you had to listen to one album on repeat for the rest of your life, which album would you choose?

The Miseducation of Lauren Hill, perfect balance. Singing, Rap and Realness.

You always look pretty immaculate. Do you favour any particular labels?

I’m getting better, learning all the time. Reggie Yates is a pal of mine and I think he’s really stylish so I learn and get inspired by him. Whatever looks dope, no specifics.


‘Bring The Lights Down’ is expected for release on May 4th.

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Photo: Eva Pentel

Words: Shane Hawkins


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