The house’s new crème will lift you up.

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Here comes Le Lift. It comes encased in a shiny black pot emblazoned with that signature interlinked double C Chanel logo, which I swear is winking at me, tempting me to lift it’s lid and sample it’s delights. Somehow it always gives me a thrill when I’m faced with the iconic symbol that exudes luxury no matter where it’s emblazoned, we love it round our way! Dipping into the velvety rose pink creme of Le Lift, its delicate aroma is rejuvenating my senses before I’ve even before managed to sample its invigorating qualities. So before I do, let me divulge what exactly Le Lift promises, “the perfect alliance between science and nature [which] is achieved once again, thanks to the selection of the Edulis plant”, sounds too good to be true? Well Professor Melino who’s made it his life’s work studying the aging process has uncovered some fascinating stuff regarding youth proteins. I’m about to slather some of it on and indeed for an anti aging creme it’s incredibly light, smells divine and making me feel pampered even before it’s begun its fascinating journey to the surface of my epidermis. I’m a great believer in moisturising and being a woman of a certain age I absolutely believe that a routine that maintains and conditions your skin is vital to preserving a youthful appearance, honest it’s my mantra.

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“What good are scientific feats if women don’t immediately feel more beautiful, if they don’t see an instant change in the mirror and if they don’t experience a sensation of well-being on application?”

This luxurious pot of creme is top of the heap as far as I’m concerned, it comes in three variations. Desire 1: Le Lift Créme ‘Fine’ ‘fresh, light and airy’, Desire 2: Le Lift Créme with it’s ‘melt away texture’ and Desire 3: Le Lift Créme Riche with it’s ‘velvety texture’, you use it both night and day. I won’t bother you too much with the scientific details but what I will say there’s been a lot of research into sourcing vital molecules namely 3.5-DA, working out how to extract the core substance of the Edulis plant essential to Le Lift and then concocting a recipe that considers a deeper penetration of goodness and turns around the aging process to “give the skin the means to restore it’s own natural balance and to, rejuventate on it’s own, at its own pace and in it’s own way”. Those clever old Chanel scientists, they’ve hit on something here. In the past we’ve thought of moisturisers as offering an element of protection, we’ve also come to the conclusion that lotions and potions are absorbed into the skin on surface levels but Le Lift does something I’ve never experienced before and actually encourages a natural boost of balance and radiance in the longer term, firming, refining and plumping.

“At Chanel, formulation is a true art. Each cream is a concentration of know-how, creativity and sensoriality.” 

On a day to day level us girls want something that is quick to use, something that does what it says on the packet. We want to feel and look the best we can be. As life goes on we all experience changes in our appearance, it’s written into our own unique DNA but outside factors also play a part in personal presentation, the ups and downs of life in general can take their toll and we all know what that feels like. The tools of beautification can lift our spirits, taking a small amount of time to preserve and maintain an elegance and grace as we go on our individual life journeys is an attitude that I believe is integral to well being. Le Lift is not just another anti aging creme, it’s a creme that stands at the forefront of groundbreaking technologies with consideration to the realistic lifestyles of the modern woman and that’s not to be sniffed at.


Words Princess Julia


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