We sit down and talk commuting, producing and Dappy with the best new beat-maker in the borough, Show N Prove.


Unlike his peers Disclosure or Rudimental, producer and turntabalist Show N Prove brings a distinctly urban edge to his club based compositions. With a back catalogue that includes artists as diverse as Skinnyman, Jessie J, Rizzle Kicks, Tinchy Stryder, Benny Banks and Maxsta, this Scottish producer is delivering a whole new world of sonic inspiration to speakers.

His time behind the scenes seems to be a nothing short of a distant memory now that he’s an artist in his own right, bagged a major label deal with Universal and just released new track ‘If Only’ ft Shakka, the anticipated follow-up to last years carnival-tinged dancefloor rocket ‘Zimma Frame’. The tedious, expensive commutes from his home city of Edinburgh to London have proven his tenacious dedication to his craft and we caught up with him to chat about relocating to London and kidnapping Kwabs. Read on..

For anyone thinking that you’ve appeared out of nowhere, tell us a little bit about your journey?

Producer/DJ and artist from Edinburgh Scotland, moved to London and started producing for underground rappers/singers. Made ‘Bada Bing’ for Benny Banks then went on to work with Wretch 32 and Jacob Banks to name but a few. I’ve also toured with DJ Fresh, Mac Miller, and Pusha T. And I’m now an artist myself signed to Universal Records.

You’ve produced for a credible list of established artists. Who has been a highlight?

Daley was amazing to work with, incredible voice and a really cool guy, I can’t wait to put that one out!

..and who has been the most challenging?

I wouldn’t say it was challenging but Dappy was definitely interesting to work with. He’s really finicky and particular just like me so we got proper into it!

How does it compare, writing your own record to producing for others?

It’s interesting because I have to step outside of myself and think about how I want to be presented musically. I have to feed off of myself instead of the artist opposite me in the studio. I love it though because I can be totally free and don’t need any convincing too!

How does the music scene in Edinburgh compare to the capital, London?

I always say it’s pretty similar just a lot smaller. Same kind of scenes, genres just on a smaller scale.

How have you been inspired by your changing surroundings / environment? Would you say that it’s harder /easier to be inspired by a city like London?

I find it easier I think. Travelling in general really inspires me, being in new places and meeting new people gives me more of a vibe. Even switching up my studio set up helps. I made a lot of dark, depressing beats hidden away in Scotland.

Where does the creative process begin with you? What’s the first stage of such a big and anticipated project

I just vibe out really, with those artists I know their history and back catalogue so well that I just cook up whatever I think they need at that time. I usually just make loads of beats as a starting point then from there the production side of things begins.

Tell us more about your new single ‘If Only‘ ft Shakka? How did you pair meet?

I’ve always loved Shakka’s stuff, especially his track ‘Blackout’ with Wretch, so I always wanted to work with him. I think I just reached out and sent him the rough beat idea and a few days later we were in the studio putting it down. Shakka’s amazing!

How will it compare or progress from ‘Zimmaframe‘ and ‘My People‘?

I think it’s the next level of my production, a step up, more song based and musical. Just opening up and building on what I started with all of my production work before that. Showing people my versatility and progression whilst still keeping that hard, energetic vibe. The whole album is shaping up nicely! Got lots of collaborations in the bag already and a few surprises up my sleeve. I can really show off my taste in music through the artists I choose to put together and what I give them to work with so its going to be really interesting

Dream collaboration?

I always say Finley Quaye, I love his stuff! Kwabs too, I just want to kidnap him!

Will the album have a strong undercurrent of Hip-Hop running through it? Or will it be a diverse range of genres crafted into one big masterpiece?

I come from hip hop so that’s always going to be in there. I want every song on the album to be a moment in itself, all stand out songs individually but at the same time work well together and make sense within the project as a whole, eclectic but cohesive. It’s going to be a journey!

What else will 2014 hold for you?

Got my own headline gig on 4th March in Hoxton that I’m really looking forward to, and loads of other gigs and festivals coming up too. I’ve also got a documentary that I’ve been working on aswell as my next single dropping soon. I’ll also be working with other artists on both sides of the water.


Words: Shane Hawkins



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