Roxxxann gives us an impromptu freestyle on-set of an exclusive shoot for Wonderland.

It’s been a fairly quiet 12 months for the leader of the ‘back-pack gang’. The Birmingham-born MC’s rapid, quick-fire delivery has seemed rather distant since her last track ‘Power‘ dropped in 2013. She cites personal growth, enrolment in education and adulthood as justifiable reasons as to why she decided to take time out to hone her craft. We foresee that 2014 is in for a triple-x rating

We spent the day with her to find out more.


What have you been up too since we last heard from you?

I’ve really grown up. Last year I lost my Nan, turned 24 and i’m single. For the first time I feel like the adult I am. I started University this year and i’ve also started dreading my hair.

What are the main priorities this year?

This year I want to build my foundations, let people know my story and understand me that little bit more. I really want to connect with people. I don’t want to just rap and pretend my life is the best. I represent people with a dream surviving the struggle.

When can we hear some new sounds?

I’ve been writing a lot to covers recently, which i’m recording at the moment to get me back into the swing of things. I plan on giving that away at the end of the month. Songwriting for me is really like therapy. What I write about is very honest and I know that people will relate to that.

Will there be any new collaborations happening?

I’m really not too sure. I’m a big fan of DVS and i’ve been listening to his mix-tape constantly. Production-wise  Screama, Mikey J and  SmurfieSyco are talking about recording some stuff with me. I’m really excited about it.

Who would you love to work on a track with? Dream collaboration!

My dream collaboration would be with Lauryn Hill and Nipsey Hussle. My ultimate collaboration would be with Bob Marley.

Tell us a bit more about this shoot. Would you say you’re fashion conscious?

I’m a big fan of Kuccia! I love prints and patterns. I’m fashion conscious without realising it. My mum was a young, trendy mum but i’d never admit it to her.  She taught me everything I know about fashion. My style is clean and I hate following trends.

Will the back-pack still be visible alongside the new music?

Definitely! They are a way of life to me, without sounding crazy. I think they represent me well and can be more practical than handbags that weigh down one arm at a time.

Who do you admire, style-wise?

I admire Pharrell Williams. He’s  stylish as hell but very clean. I like A$ap Rocky, Missy Elliott and old-skool Salt & Pepa.

How important do you think that image is to an artists longevity in the ‘industry’?

I think image is important but change is good as it shows growth. Forced image is embarrassing. I think some artists feel so much pressure to have an identity that they forget they are an artist. When you’re a Musician, everything must start and end with the music.

Any favourite labels / Designers that you love to wear?

I love Givenchy Moschino, Vivienne Westwood and KTZ, but I do love a pair of old-skool Vans and a checked backpack.

What kind of music are you listening to at the moment? 

I’m listening to Isaiah Rashad, Styles P, Beyonce and Mumford & Sons. A pretty diverse bag. I also like to listen to my own stuff just because i’m a perfectionist and I think it helps me become a better artist.

Who are you championing for 2014?

Screama who’s a really good friend of mine from Birmingham. His beats are amazing and I can’t wait for the world to hear them. I’m also a fan of  Krept and Konan who won Best Newcomer at the MOBO’s last year. I think they can really help Urban music in the UK as I don’t think anyone is really doing anything amazing at the moment.






Words: Shane Hawkins

Photographer: Vic Lentaigne

Stylist: Amber Upton

Videographer: Like My Flex

Hair & Make-up: Lucybloom Webb