River Island have teamed up with LC:M newcomer Joespeh Turvery to bring us a Spring/Summer 14 collection.

Christmas has come a little early for one young designer as River Island, who previously worked with British designer T.Lipop, has announced through their Design Forum Initiative that Joseph Turvey will be collaborating with them for their Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Turvey, known for his eye-catching illustrations, graduated with a BA in Fashion Design in 2010 and later went on to graduate with a Masters in Menswear Design Technology at London College of Fashion. Turvey was able to gain more attention with his collections where he was able to produce signature prints and bold colour palates, leading many to call the Fashion East designer one of the most refreshing and innovative designers of his generation.

The capsule collection will be debuted at London Collections: Mens, and will also be available in selected stores and the River Island online site from the end of February. A hero element is implemented in the River Island collection, with a not so subtle pink camouflage throughout all 16 pieces. Also included in the 90s inspired street wear are neoprene accessories and matching jersey sets. A film has been produced, which has been directed by renowned director Alex Turvey, to celebrate the launch, and will be presented at London Collections: Mens in January. The film is to celebrate the launch and is one of many films that have been curated by the Fash/On panel that aims to support and develop film in the fashion industry. WONDERLAND spoke to Turvey about his up-coming collaboration with the high-street retailer and what we can expect from the show next month.


WONDERLAND: Tell us about how the collaboration between yourself and River Island. How did it start?

JOSEPH TURVEY: The British Fashion Council work with River Island to put together a list of designers who they think would be well suited to the project. I was lucky enough to be chosen.

You’re last collection had connotations of femininity in an overtly masculine presence, but also the fact the collection took inspiration from female NASCAR driver Ethel Mobley. What would you say the references are this time?

For AW14 I very much wanted to explore the contrast between digital and hand techniques. I hand drew all my own prints and then digitally printed them. I also wanted to be able to continue this circle of processes. So we screen printed back onto digital print and hand embroidered over digital prints. The prints are a continuation of SS14 as i felt there were still avenues left to explore

How would you describe your own personal style and does that reflect in the clothing you design?

I wouldn’t class myself as stylish… I guess my creativity goes into my design work. I tend to wear a lot of black and trainers.

What are the main influences for your up-coming collection with River Island?

I looked closely at the work of one of my favourite photographers Jamel Shabazz, In particular his documentary Planet B-boy. I loved the silhouettes and fabrics which I incorporated into the collection from Jersey to Neoprene and then added textural depth with intarsia knits and rubber.

You’re clearly very talented at illustration, when did you start to really use your talents to the ability that you use them today and what/who has inspired you generally throughout your illustration/design career?

My old tutor Darren Cabon from London College of Fashion was the one who really pushed my design work and illustrations. I am very grateful to have been taught by him and I continue to seek his advice and support every season.

What can you tell us about the Fash/On film that you worked on with the BFC?

I worked with Alex Turvey who’s work i have admired for a long time. Andrew Davis worked on styling the collection and his attention to detail really enhanced the overall look of the film. We chose key reference images from Jamel Shabazz archive and reinterpreted these with the justanorm boys… I’ve yet to see the final outcome but I really can’t wait for everyone to see it.

Finally have you got any other plans for next year apart from the River Island collection?

I have been working with New Era on a collaboration that will be presented with my new collection which I am very excited about… I’ve also got a few other projects lined up but I’m not allowed to talk about those just yet.

Thanks Joesph!


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