One time backing singer for Adele and Cee-Lo Green, London’s Bobbie Gordon gears up for yet another triumphant collaboration


The Bacardi Beginnings campaign has seen some of the UK’s most exciting established and emerging musicians collaborate to push the boundaries of music releases.

For the third and final creative project in the music mentoring programme, Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke and his chosen emerging artist Bobbie Gordon will release their brand-new track ‘Down Boy’ via the creation and opening of the world’s first 3D printing record store. We met the lady herself, ahead of the Bacardi Beginnings live event last night to find out more .

You have an extensive musical CV, where did it all begin with you? 

I’ve been singing for years. My mum was a singer, I’ve always loved singing and music. I’ve been a working musician for a while now. It’s just part of my life and lifestyle.

What kind of sounds and artists inspired you as you were growing up?

I loved slow jam, that’s something that would make me move my feet . TLC, Brandy, Di Angelo, Blackstreet… all of those 90’s pop-soul people who made massive waves in music at the time. It was a very interesting time as well because whilst all that was happening, you had stuff like The Spice Girls. It was an eclectic time for music I think and I was lucky to have been raised in that time.

Who was your icon? Who did you most want to be like when you were growing up?

I loved Janet Jackson – she was the person that I wanted to be! I was also a huge fan of all three TLC girls and Lisa Left Eye Lopes.

Tell us about touring with Adele and Cee-Lo? How did that happen and what was it like?

I toured with Adele through her 21 album campaign and that was incredible. I learnt so much, she became a good friend, and was massively inspiring in terms of what she’s achieved in actually a long period of time. Lots of people think that she went from one album to next, but she’s been singing for years and years. Cee-Lo is great too. I remember the first time I heard him sing live and being on stage with him – he was awe-inspiring.

What has been your best live gig to date?

The Grammys with Adele was incredible– that was crazy! Last  night was pretty unforgettable too. It’s something that i’ll never forget.

How did the collaboration with BACARDÍ Beginnings happen?

Kele and I met a few years back when I was providing the vocals for his first solo album ‘The Boxer’. He was approached to do this project; he then approached me and said that he wanted to mentor me through it. The writing process of ‘Down Boy’ (BACARDÍ Beginnings) happened organically; it wasn’t clinical at all. Everything was really natural. It’ been a great experience.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your involvement in the project? We hear the track will be printed on 3D vinyl.

From 13th December, BACARDÍ will open up the world’s first 3D printing record shop in Soho. People get to see how the tracks are printed in 3D. For the launch party last night I played a selection of my own songs to give people taste of what’s going to come out on the EP.

Tell us more about you EP ‘Skin‘. What will it sound like and what can we expect from it?

I’m working with some really interesting people. I will be working with Kele a lot more on the EP. I’ve already worked with Luke Oldham of N55. It’s been a really nice process so far.

If you could work with any other artist who would be your first choice?

I’m loving James Blake’s new album. I’ve been following him for few years now. I’d love to work with Sampha from SBTRKT – that would be great.

 Words: Shane Hawkins



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