This week we sat down with South London’s own Jessie Ware as she is the new brand ambassador of CK One cosmetics. jessie ware_ukevent_5 copyWe chatted to the enigmatic songstress about her being the ambassador of CK One cosmetics, her Devotion tour and Twitter fans.


WONDERLAND: So tell us how did you get started with singing? Is this something you knew you wanted to do all your life?

JESSIE WARE: I actually didn’t initially want to become a singer. I was on my way to getting a law degree after I had studied English literature in university. I got a backup singing gig with my friend Jack Penate and from there, got a record deal!


Did you do any embarrassing talent shows when you were younger?

I was always too embarrassed, I did like school plays but I didn’t want people to be like, “oh she’s a singer!”


Where in London are you from?

South London, Clapham. I love it there, it’s like a different London.


Who are your musical inspirations? I personally love Bobby Caldwell and was so enamored with your take on “Do for Love”.

Awww thank you! Yes, when I perform that over in America, they love it. It’s so crazy because so many people have sampled and covered it. Tatyana Ali did it back in the day!


Totally forgot about her! Wow she was so good!


But inspiration I like Aretha Franklin, Annie Lennox, Barbra Streisand of course too!


How do you go about songwriting? Do you just go with a feeling or are they all real-life based? 

None of it is based on anything. Sometimes it does come from a thing in my life then I will draw from there but it can be from everywhere—friends, family, relationships.


Where do you like to write? Alone?

If I’m writing words then yes I’ll be alone but then I have writers also and if they have got a suggestion I’m not like “NO!” I’ll take the idea and it’s usually wicked. It’s a collaborative process for me.


How do you feel about social media being a musician?

It’s crazy but amazing. If someone I admired wrote to me I’d be so excited. I like that I can connect there but sometimes I get shit and it’s funny. When I was in the states I asked for a jar of Marmite and at my show that night fans showed up with cases of it. I was like oh shit!


Do you ever go on a singing in the mirror bit? I know when I first heard “Valentine” with Sampha I always sang it loudly in the bathroom mirror and my housemates hated me.

Laughs Not as much as you’d think but I’m singing in the shower here and there.


Who is the one musician you would love to work with, dead or alive? I love your Barbra Striesand twitter background!

Yessss Barbra! I love her so much. She’s such a diva. I would love to work with Frank Ocean as well, he’s so talented.


Laughs Yes, I imagine her in like one of her rooms surrounded by doves and all white couches. 


How did the Sampha and SBTRKT collaborations come about?

My friend Tic over at Young Turks had introduced us. He told me about SBTRKT and then we got together to work on some things and it was great. Sampha too, I’m so happy he’s getting the recognition he deserves. He’s amazing!


What are you listening to at the moment? 

I’m listening to a lot of Poliça at the moment.


How do you feel about the term “Pop Star” and what do you classify yourself as, if anything? 

I don’t think I’m a pop star, but I’d take it if someone wanted to call me so. It’s such a fabulous term and it’d be an honor.


Tell me about the A$AP Rocky collaboration? Are you guys friends? Should we expect a rap album soon? 

I wanted him on the “Wildest Moments” remix and we mailed him and he was happy to do it. I love him so much. Last time I saw him he was in like a baby pink Acne jacket with fresh braids. He’s so charming and smooth. They’re all lovely guys, they were so nice to me and I love that crew.


A$AP Jessie! laughs


You were recently on a US tour, how was that and do you prefer US or UK? 

I love the states actually. It’s lovely there! Of course I have my friends and family here but it’s great there. I love going out to the country when I’m in London. I like to get away from all of the shuffle. My boyfriend and I are actually going out to the country this weekend.


What do you like to do in London? What’s your must see/do whenever you’re in London? 

I love to go down to the markets. Brixton market is amazing but it’s gotten so popular. I go when I know it will be quiet to avoid the traffic. I’ll go out for drinks with friends because I’m never really here anymore so it’s great to see them.


Were you a fan of the CK One color cosmetics before you became a global tastemaker? 

I was on a Vogue shoot a while back and the make up artist had the products and I was like “whoa wicked packaging!” and then asked about it and fell in love.


What is your favorite CK One color cosmetics product?

The “Devotion” lipstick, which is named after my latest project. It’s a nude shade and I love it because I’m always looking for a good nude lip.


Tell us how you selected your new shade Devotion. 

I’ve been working with CK One for 6 months and they really celebrated me. They knew I was big on the nude lip from my makeup looks that I wear out and about and approached me with it and I was so down for it. It was great for me because it was something I really believed in and liked!


What’s your favorite makeup look?  

I’ll usually always do like a cat eye and nude lip but then I can change it up sometimes and do a bold lip and very relaxed eye but still a bit of mascara.


Thank you Jessie! 

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CK one cosmetics are exclusively available from Debenhams and Debenhams.com


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