We throw an abundance of quick-fires questions to emerging, exciting Danish musician Broken Twin.

Broken Twin, the synonym of young musician Majke Voss Romme has something to shout about and she’s not afraid to do just that (in her ethereal, hush tones of course).

She’s the first Scandinavian artists to be signed with ANTI-worldwide, joining the roster of such notables like Beth Orton and Tom Waits. After a stint supporting Daughter throughout their headline European tour, she reigned upon London town last night to play her very own show at Servant Jazz Quarters. Last month she released the brand new single ‘Sun Has Gone’, the first new music since last years EP ‘Hold Onto Nothing.

Wonderland caught up with her to find out about what inspires her to write, and growing up with The Spice Girls.

What’s has been your journey from silently penning songs to releasing music worldwide?

I’ve been writing songs since I was quite young. My father used to play piano with me and I took a bit of singing lessons, but apart from that I don’t have much of a musical CV. I was very private about making music. But I had a singing teacher who pushed me to play my first concert. I was too scared to do it alone, so I had to find people to play with – so we had a little band together. Then three or four years ago I started playing with a good friend of mine and met my manager. I’ve been very lucky to have met good people on my way, who have believed in the music and helped me getting it out.

What or who inspires you to write and where do you find you’re at your most creative? Do you have a preferred place to write?

I always write from a personal perspective – about things I think I know, what interests me. I see it as a melting pot. What I see, hear, relations and all those mixed up feelings you meet through life. It’s all tangled up. I suppose what comes out of this big melting pot is this little weird extract that are my songs. And I write quite a lot, but of course I have periods of time when there’s more to be consumed and periods where nothing happens. I never know – it can happen anywhere. But I prefer to be alone – near a piano or a guitar.

What music were you listening too growing up?

I grew up in a time, where Spice Girls were very popular. I just listened to what ever was on the radio. I had a nice contrast in the songs I was singing with my father at our old piano, though. All kinds of classic pop rock songs. If I hadn’t had that I’m sure I’d be a little fucked musically.

What is Scandinavia like for music? Are there any current trends that the UK is yet to pick up on?

I think there’s a lot of different things happening – at least at the Danish music scene – but I can’t really define this Scandinavian sound that so many people mention. It’s probably easier when you look at it as an outsider.

Who are your musical heroes?

Mostly I listen to sort of classic songwriters like Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Patti Smith. I love Stina Nordenstam, Cat Power, Nina Simone, The Smiths too. Basically I just like good songs and good lyrics. If it moves me or excites me, I’d listen to anything.

How is the album shaping up?

The album is almost finished, so I’m still making final changes. It’s a collection of songs written through the last three years, so it’s a bit like a puzzle finally starting to come together.

Tell us more about the new single ‘Sun Has Gone’?

It’s the first song from the album being released. I don’t know, it’s a simple song. It came kind of uncomplicated. I don’t have so much to say about it – lyrically – I feel like I’ve already said what I want in the song.

How does the new material differ from your previous EP?

I feel the song writing has developed. And the diversity is bigger. But it does have a lot in common with the EP. Most songs are still centralised around the piano and the vocal and it’s still pretty minimalistic and simple. Some songs are from around the time when the EP was made, so they sort of go together with the rest.

You’ve been touring with Daughter. How has it been playing to great crowds?

I feel very lucky to have a chance to play my music for this many people every night. It’s the first long tour for me, but I’m kind of already getting used to it. It’s pretty addictive.

What has been the best place/gig you’ve played to date?

They sort of blend together for me right now. I like playing at Koncerthuset in Denmark. We supported Cat Power, the venue was beautiful and I had friends who for some reason were seated in the royal section. But I’m really looking forward to playing at Paradiso in Amsterdam.

What will the remainder of the year have in store for you?

I have two weeks of tour left and then I’ll go back to Copenhagen to finish off my debut album. Then there’s a London show and hopefully some rest for Christmas.

Check out more from Broken Twin here.

Shane Hawkins

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