Bringing back 90’s girlband realness, M.O give us an insight into their journey, thus far.


2013 seems to have been a triumphant year for the underground, understated girlband. Kitchen Party, Neon Jungle, even the return of Noughties trio MKS have showered the industy with female aloofness. Adding to that list is London-based unit M.O.

Plucking their namesake title from a Drake song, the girls aim was to re-introduce an authentic yet fresh 90’s r’n’b vibe, executed perfectly through their image (CAT boots, shirts tied around waists, bomber jackets..et al) as well as creating some slick hip-hop beats in the same vain as Aaliyah. They remind us of N-Tyce or All Saints, the cooler cousins of The Spice Girls. Support slots with Wretch 32 and a date with Disclosure coming up, 2014 is promising to be an exciting year.

They’ve created a selection of their favourite 90’s jams especially for us.


Tell us a bit more about your journey? Where did it all begin for you guys? 

Frankee: Annie and Nadine had known each other for a while and were working on music together in the studio.  I had met them through mutual friends and gigs in the past and they asked me if I wanted to get in the studio with them.  We wanted bring back a girlband similar to the ones we grew up listening to so we got straight down to business.

What’s the mystery behind the band name? What does M.O stand for?-  

Annie: M.O stands for “Modus Operandi” which is latin for “Mode of Operation” we actually heard it in a Drake song and loved the sound and meaning of it so we made it ours.

Whats been happening since you guys released your last single?

N: We’ve been gigging everywhere, we’ve been lucky enough to support Wretch32 and Rudimental on a few dates too. We have a gig coming up with Disclosure soon which should be fun.  We shot a new low key, moody video. We’ve also been in the studio a lot too.

Who has been your main inspiration behind your songwriting and style?

F: All our different styles link together to make the overall M.O look. We love routing around vintage shops,cutting & stitching things to make it our own..we actually wear a lot of men’s clothes, throw some vintage Chanel or Saint Laurent jewellery on and we are ready to go! We love to mix High St alongside Deisgner labels too. As for our songwriting style we are heavily influenced by people like TLC, Destinys Child,Aaliyah and Lauryn Hill. We always try to have a message in our songs which is important to us.

If you had to pick your favourite girl band or be a member of another band, who would you choose?

N: A favourite girlband member of mine would be the Beyonce! Annie loves  Chilli from TLC and Frankee would be Shaznay Lewis.

What’s been the best gig you’ve played, to date?

The best gig for us that we have played would definitely have to be supporting Ciara! It was a great opportunity for us and we’ve grown up listening to her so that was cool.

..And the album…when will it be ready for us to hear?

The album is coming along very nicely and we’re constantly in the studio working on new stuff. It’s very  old Skool 90’s rnb, soul with slick vocals and some great melodies. There are some hip hop beats and some heavy bass too. We want it to have a down to earth message and for it to feel authentic and real.


D’Angelo – Brown Sugar

Aaliyah – Don’t Know What To Tell Ya

Monica – Just One Of Them Days

Blackstreet – No Diggity

TLC – No Scrubs

702 ft Missy Elliot – Steelo

Brandy ft Mase – Sittin’ On Top Of The World

Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love Goes

Montell Jordon – Get In On Tonight

Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop (That Thing)

Donnel Jones ft Left Eye – U Know What’s Up

Destinys Child – Bugaboo

SWV – Weak

Jodeci – Freakin’ You

Ginuwine – Pony

Mary J Blige – I’m Going Down


Check out M.O’s new track ‘On Ya’

Words: Shane Hawkins 



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