Introducing Felicity Gilbert. Shia LaBeouf’s secretary in Lars von Triers ‘Nymphomaniac’ and the new brand ambassador for Diesel.

She’s was the face of Thierry Mugler Alien, and Nicola Formichetti’s longstanding muse, we chat to Felicity Gilbert, the newest member of the Diesel family about modelling, acting and Lars von Trier.

Felicity Gilbert

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WONDERLAND: Hi Felicity! So tell us abit about what you have been up to recently?
I’ve been involved in a couple of film projects which will be coming out soon including Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac and Duane Hopkins’ Bypass. I’ve also been working with Diesel as a brand ambassador which has been a lot of fun! Nicola has brought on board a great mix of creative individuals that work in different areas such as Michael Mayren, Brooke Candy and Kiko Mizuhara to name a few.

As you are now a brand ambassador for Diesel and previously the face of Alien, you obviously have a strong relationship with Nicola Formichetti, how is he to work with?
Nicola is a very inspiring person to be around. He is a really innovative creative-thinker – you can see that in things like for example, how he hasn’t used regular models for the Diesel campaigns, instead using people that he finds interesting. I think people are becoming more and more interested in models being used that are doing different things as their main focus whether it be photography, acting or music and Nicola spotted that before other people- he understands young people. I feel really lucky to be part of what he’s creating.

What is your must have item from the Diesel collection?
I really love the Tribute capsule collection that Nicola created- I love all the patches and individual buttons. I’m really into the Diesel boxy denim jackets – they’re really easy to style in different ways and look amazing on everyone- male or female.

You were a model first but now have turned your hand to acting, when did the acting bug hit you?
Well I was actually acting before I started modelling but just not professionally. I was planning on going to drama school when I fell into modelling so when the opportunity came up to start acting again it just felt right. I took a lot of time off to train and my agency were very supportive so I was really lucky.

What is most important to you, modelling or acting?
The most important thing to me now is who I’m working with whether it’s as an actress or as a model. I just want to focus on continuing to work on interesting projects with great people that inspire me whether that’s photographers, film-makers, designers, artists etc.

You have just filmed Nymphomaniac, how was it working with Lars Von Trier?
I have always loved Lars’ films and had just finished watching the Kingdom when I was offered the role. If I had been asked to choose a director I would like to work with then Lars would have been at the top of my list so I really appreciated getting to work with him, especially on my first feature. He is incredibly emotionally intelligent and I can honestly say that although filming went by quickly, it was the most fulfilling job I had ever done. I really hope that I get to work with Lars again and with everyone at Zentropa. It was very fun!

Can you tell us abut about your character?
I play the part of a secretary who works for Shia LaBeouf’s character. You’ll have to go and see the film to know the rest!

How did you prepare for the role?
I did my homework – I even did some temping in an office for a while! My acting teacher Dee Cannon has a book out called ‘In Depth Acting’ for those who really want to know how to prepare.

What was the most challenging part of this particular experience?
I think the most challenging part was probably getting over my nerves. Nobody expects for the first job to be working with people at that level so it’s quite overwhelming and exciting at the same time. The confidence comes through the preparation though so that’s what I focused on.

If you could play any part in any movie what would it be?
I’m interested in strong female roles that show the realities of being a woman. I would love to be part of an HBO series like ‘The Sopranos’ or work with directors such as Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine who have interesting female roles in their films. I also admire ‘Beat’ Takeshi Kitano so I would love to work with him even if I don’t speak Japanese!

Nymphomaniac by Lars von Trier out 7th March 2014.


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