Here she discusses how she’d survive a horror film.



Betty Adewole has just had the best season of her career, walking for labels such as Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Prada, the last as an exclusive.

What was the highlight of your season?

I think Prada. That was pretty amazing.

What did you think of the M.I.A and Britney soundtrack?

It was one of the best soundtracks. Amazing! It was hard to not break out into a little dance.

How was Givenchy? That was quite amazing. 

Yes! It was epic, they had like cars in the middle of the floor, live drums.

Quite amazing. Have you been watching The Face

Old episodes, not the new ones.

What would you do if Naomi Campbell told you to fix your lipstick?

[Laughs] I’d check it.

You’d have to wouldn’t you.

But I don’t wear lipstick so it doesn’t matter.

How’s the rest of the season shaping up for you?

I shot British Vogue yesterday. And we’re holding five other really good editorials a the moment so it’s a really good season.

Do you have a life outside of work anymore? 

Yes, if I make it happen. I see my friends briefly but in intense intervals so it’s cool. Not as much but they understand.

Where do you like going out with your friends? 

East. I’m from Hackney so…

Betty’s Agent: We scouted her at (infamous gay fashion hang out) the George and Dragon.

It’s my local. I grew up around there.

What do you think about when you’re walking the runway?

Sometimes a track will play in my head like ‘work work fashion baby’ and I’m like acting, I switch it on.

Aside from the George & Dragon what are your hobbies?

I love going to the cinema, watching films. I like sci-fi, I used to love horror but not anymore because it started giving me nightmares so I had to stop watching it. Sci-fi I love. Like Fifth Element, one of my favorite films.

If you were in a horror film how would you survive?

Wit and cunning! I’m pretty charming.

True say. 


Words: Jack Sunnucks

Fashion Editor: Grace Cobb

Photography: Kerry Hallihan