Celebs love to get ghoulish, throw in some faux fangs, appear anaemic, tear a bloody T-shirt and blame a heavy night on maintaining an authentic Zombie look just as much as everyone else, non? What better way to raise a goblet to Halloween than to celebrate a selection of our favourite famous, frightful efforts.


1. Paris Hilton

Halloween 2013 has seen an abundance of stars mock up narcissistically as one another and the Hilton heiress snatches the crown for most current modified personality as she morphed into Miley, complete with manicured foam finger with only a seductive bear to cover any remaining modesty.


2. Miley Cyrus

So Paris is being Miley and Miley is being heavyweight female rapper Lil’ Kim. Halloween is normally an excuse for everyone to wear as little clothing as possible and what with Miley’s recent antics we were surprised to see her covered up the most she’s been since her Montana days. The controversial pop princess who this year caused a media storm with her MTV VMA performance chose to reincarnate the disputed Queen of rap’s 1999 outfit from the very same awards. She’s just being Miley. G.O.I.


3. Katy Perry

K-Pez and her BFF Shannon Woodward think outside of the tele-box and costume themselves as cartoon animation characters Daria and her friend Jane Lane. Strangely enough we think that this outfit wouldn’t look out of place in one of the ‘Roar’ singer’s videos with recent history shows her sporting an edible squirty-cream bra and a mouth retainer that is more fitted to Screech Powers. This also reminds us of the Ghost World cover.


4. Emma Roberts

Well she is in American Horror Story: Coven, so we’d expect Emma Roberts to embrace the haunting holiday more-so than anyone. Snapped here clutching onto boyfriend Evan Peters (more effort needed), we really enjoy how she’s borrowed Aunt Julia’s old hooker attire from 90’s blockbuster ‘Pretty Woman’ for last year’s Halloween embellishments, but we hear that this year she’s promised to indulge in cosplay dressed as Jazzercise Barbie. We expect a paused entrance which includes a downward dog, please.

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 15.06.19

5. Heidi Klum.

The mother of dress-up, Heidi Klum is still brave enough to go for it solo since her split from Seal. The pair used to parade around in his’n’hers gorilla suits,  display attention to detail dressed as mechanical robots or simply just tog out in togas. Our favourite look from the supermodel/Fashion mogul is this Kali goddess garb which she sported at one of her annual Halloween bash’s. Previous creations have seen her  flaunt her audacity by fashioning Cleopatra and a Vampire Witch. If the invite doesn’t state a costume theme then we doubt Heidi will rear one of her many terrifyingly entertaining heads..


6. Adam Lambert

The 31 year old entertainer was spotted out in multiple looks this week in L.A, one of them being an amazing full-body bedazzled genie look. The ‘Let’s Dance‘ diva kept his flawless exterior image by smudging all visible flesh a luxurious aqua colour and ‘did a Kylie’ by concealing his crown jewels with a pair of shimmering gold hot-pants.


7. Kate Moss & Jamie Hince

The always fashion-forward power couple threw their sartorial sense aside last year and spooked up to attend the star-studded scare fest hosted by Jonathan Ross, dressed as Morticia and Gomez Addams. We all know how much Kate is patron for a good party and we think she looks as glamorous as she normally does, even when she has been painted to look gaunt and half dead. Jamie takes on the role of Gomez perfectly enrobed in a burgundy fur trim jacket and signature moustache.



Words: Shane Hawkins





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