Louis Vuitton’s latest installment comes from contemporary artist Sarah Lucas, in conjunction with her new exhibition at The Whitechapel Gallery.


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Louis Vuitton strikes art gold once again! Having had previous collaborations with world renowned artists such as Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince, the maison furthers their ties in the contemporary art world by hosting an art talk between artist Sarah Lucas and Whitechapel Gallery director, Iwona Blazwick. The Maison currently features a display of Sarah Lucas’ series ‘Self Portraits 1990-1998’. These twelve iconic works are available to purchase in the New Bond Street Bookstore, beautifully presented in a custom made box exclusive to Louis Vuitton.





Listen to the full talk below:

Sarah Lucas





The talk was to explicate Lucas’ exhibition, “Situation” held at the Whitechapel Gallery. This is Sarah Lucas’ first major solo exhibition in London. Bringing together over two decades of sculpture, installation and photography, ‘Situation’ explores Lucas’s remarkable career and assesses the vital role she plays in British art. The talk brought out some of the art worlds most influential to Vuitton’s New Bond Street Maison. Guests included Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Harriet Verney, Pheobe Collings-James, Kim Hersov, Bay Garnett, Sadie Coles, Iwona Blazwick, Annie Morris and Idris Khan.

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Sarah Lucas
SITUATION Absolute Beach Man Rubble
Whitechapel Gallery, until 15 December 2013
Supported by Louis Vuitton


See the full book listing for Sarah Lucas curated shelf below:


The Secret of Spiggy Holes, Enid Blyton.  Paperback

Stig of the Dump, Clive King.  Papaerback

Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking glass, Lewis Carroll.  Paperback

Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame.  Paperback

Spectre 1, Ed.  Richard Davies.  Hardback

Nemesis, Agatha Christie.  Hardback

The Other World, Albert Pauchard.  College of Psychic Studies Paper No. 7

Tales of the Uncanny and Supernatural, Algernon Blackwood.  Hardback

The Breaking Point, Short Stories, Daphne Du Maurier.  Paperback

The Sea, The Sea, Iris Murdoch.  Hardback

Iris, John Bailey.  Hardback

Selected Letters of Oscar Wilde.  Paperback

The House of Doctor Dee, Peter Ackroyd.  Paperback

Funk & Wagnalls New Practical Standard Dictionary (two volumns) 1952

Observer Book of Astronomy, Patrick Moore  L. F. Ball  1974

A Word in Your Ear & Just Another Word, Ivor Brown.  1944

Ridley Walker, Russell Hoban.  Paperback

Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson.  Hardback

The Blue Nile, Alan Moorehead.  Hardback

The White Nile, Alan Moorehead.  Hardback

Captured at the Imjin River, David Green.  Hardback

Antimemoires, Andre Malraux.  Hardback

The Story of My Experiments with Truth, Mahatma Ghandi.  Paperback

Bhagwan, Hugh Milne.  Hardcover

The Divine Invasion (trilogy), Phillip K Dick.  Paperback

Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night.  Paperback.

Into That Darkness, Gitta Sereny.  Paperback

Moments of Reprieve, Primo Levi.  Paperback

Goodbye to All That, Robert Graves.  Hardback

Seven Pillars of Wisdom, T E Lawrence.  Paperback

The White Goddess, Robert Graves.  Paperback

Dear Robert, Dear Spike, Robert Graves Spike Milligan.  Hardback

Intercourse.  Andrea Dworkin.  Paperback

Pornography.  Andrea Dworkin.  Paperback

Feminine Sexuality, Juliet Mitchell Jacqueline Rose.  Paperback

Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Sigmund Freud.  Paperback

The Four Fundemental Concepts of Psych-Analysis, Jacques Lacan.  Paperback

Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing, Helene Cixous.  Hardback

A Blake Dictionary, S Foster Damon.  Hardback

Symposium, Plato.  Hardback

The fall of the Roman Rebublic, Plutarch.  Paperback

Das Kapital, a critique of polital economy, Karl Marx.   1959.  Hardback

On the Way to Work, Damien Hirst and Gordon Burn.  Hardback

Happy Like Murderers, Gordon Burn.  Hardback

Empire of the Sun, J G Ballard.  Paperback

The Kindness of Women, J G Ballard.  Paperback

The Dilema of Love, Andrea Giovene.  Paperback

Alexandria Quartet, Lawrence Durrell.  Paperback

The Devils of Loudun, Aldous Huxley.  Paperback

The Life and Loves of a She- Devil, Fay Weldon.  Paperback

The Mystical Qabalah, Dion Fortune.  Hardback

The Soya Bean, Dion Fortune.  (I’ve never been able to find this)

My Art, My Life, Diego Rivera.  Paperback

The teachings of Don Juan, Carlos Castenada.  Hardback

Journey to Ixtlan, Carlos Castenada.  Hardback

A Separate Reality, Carlos Castenada.  Hardback

Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky.  Paperback

Psychomagic, Alejandro Jodorowsky.  Paperback

2666, Roberto Bolano.  Paperback

Cats, William Burroughs.  Paperback

Tittipussidad, Sarah Lucas & Julian Simmons.  Hardback

The Phoenix, Manly P. hall.  (big book – has a red and white dust jacket – green hard cover underneath in my preferred edition).


The choice of hard or soft back has no special significance apart from corresponding with my own versions.

Unless otherwise stated please buy all books second hand in the earliest available edition.



Sarah Lucas.




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