As Diesel takeover Galeries Lafayette we head to Paris to speak to Nicola Formichetti about a new digital era

This time last week, we had the pleasure of heading over to Galleries Lafayette in Paris to see Nicola Formichetti’s latest Diesel Reboot campaign. The spectacular ten day takeover features Tumblr art from emerging artists of the new digital era. This is the fourth mission from Formichetti to ‘Show me your artwork’, initiating the new phase of Diesel’s history. We caught up with Nicola in Paris to talk about his latest project.








Wonderland: Hi Nicola! Can you tell us a bit about the latest Diesel Reboot project?
Nicola: It all started from Tumblr really. I asked people to submit stuff and I wanted to see peoples art. I wanted to find a physical space and showcase everything that I found online.

Why did you chose to exhibit in Galleries Lafayette?
I began looking at art galleries and Diesel mentioned Galleries Lafayette and I thought it was such a cool idea. The family behind the gallery space are huge art supporters so were really behind the project. I knew that I would be getting a lot of digital art from online because that’s what I’d been seeing via my Tumblr. I liked the idea of putting these non-established art pieces inside a very established place.

You described the Tumblr Posts as Art pieces, would you say that Tumblr users are all artists?
They’re not all artists, I just call it art. They’re Tumblr kids and I love that. There are no art galleries that presents Gif artists yet, maybe there are online but I just want people to see new art. I like the fact we’re promoting every single artist and we include their social media addresses so they get all of the followers. That’s what ‘kids’ want, to be followed and to be liked. For a brand to help that, I think it’s cool.

Has youth culture always inspired you?
For me its always been about nurturing young creatives because they’re just fearless and I feel like I can learn a lot. Its so exciting and I love being able to find new people that I can work with. The whole point of the Diesel reboot is about getting people together.

What made you go down the route of new digital media?

I love the history of Diesel and I wanted to shake it, reboot it. The reboot was basically a technology term, instantly you think about computers and stop and rethink and restart and reboot. It really helped us and the people in the company.
Diesel was becoming too big and a little bit soul-less and i wanted to have this human aspect. You can be a complete human with digital too and I think that’s our new language.

Do you use Tumblr yourself?
Yeah, all the time. I never research on Google anymore, I always use Tumblr. Its amazing for fashion research…and porn.

Do you plan to tour the event?
2 weeks and then we take it to China. I’m so excited.

This is your 4th project for Diesel Reboot do you have plans to do more?
We’re going to do more and its going to be ongoing, as well as other things. Until we have a solid group of people I what to keep growing this community. Its really useful for us and thats what i love about social media. Its indirect and open and inclusive.

Is the Diesel Reboot Tumblr going to remain active?
Definitely and at some point it will merge into Diesel.com


What’s next for you at Diesel?
My first big show will be in March, in Venice and its gonna be massive. The clothing for that needs to be amazing and that’s what I’ve been working on behind the scenes. People never see that.

Have you bought over a brand new design team?
Its a mix, old and new. Its a great mixture. They have actual denim experts working on the clothes., they’re like scientists. We really want to push boundaries. I’m just there controlling. I normally do like big Gaga stuff or crazy Mugler stuff in small quantities but this is a big collection but i feel like it has more impact. I’m gonna see people wear my stuff. Maybe i should put secret messages inside and try to control the world.

Do you have a concept or a theme for the first collection?
No, i.m concentrating on the history of diesel. Denim, leather and military. I want to stick to that. Its such an amazing theme already. Forever cool materials. Its super wearable and super casual but its me, so I’m sure it will be a little bit different.



Disesl takeover will be at Galleries Lafayette until 24th October



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