RE present a three day Swedish fashion collective and showroom during London Fashion Week.

During 15th – 17th September there will be a three day exhibition and showroom showcasing SS14 work from key Swedish designers, many of which showed at MBFW Stockholm in August. Each designer will have the opportunity to showcase their work to UK buyers in the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

Brands participating in the collective include:

BACK by Ann-Sofie Back

For her latest collection, Ann-Sofie Back’s re-worked elements from her previous pieces into edgy sophisticated sportswear. BACK is renowned for it’s avant-garde advanced design, this season taking influence from former collections but progressing utilitarian to softer more feminine shapes. Rounded shoulders and raw edges that simultaneously boasted elegance and utility. Velcro and high visibility colours clashed with pastel blues and soft whites. The phrase ‘senile sports’ has been used to describe the feeling of Ann Sofie’s vision this season, with chiffon headscarves, flesh tone socks and all over logo patches on lightweight jersey’s, breaking away from fashion conventionality.


Back 4Back 3



Since its launch in 2005, Dagmar’s fashion evolution of sophisticated style  has gained world-wide recognition for keeping things fresh and new. For Stockholm Fashion Week the brand showcased a selection of clean monochrome silhouettes, no extra embellishments, pure chic.  The collection has been described as “a study of the changing moods between day-time and night-time in Stockholm” an inspiration from artist Rebecka Bebben Anderson’s art work “Nolli Stockholm.” There is a juxtaposition between the sheer transparent layers that are representative of light to the heavily graphic and  daringly structured dark pieces highlight the brands unconventionality and exquisite attention to detail.




Maria Nilsdotter

Maria Nilsdotter architecturally inspired jewellery has been described as “wearable art with a playful touch” and her SS’14 collection evokes just that. The inspiration for her designs stems from the historical discipline, silhouette and intricate detail of the buildings and gargoyles in the Stockholm boulevard of Strandvägen. This notion of a dark mysterious fantasy world is so vivid, she has created an early 20th Century gothic, romantic city and imagined the glamorous accessories a female inhabitant would dream about adorning herself with. The pieces are made from silver, plated silver and 18 carat gold with larger precious stones and classic pearls. From delicate to diverse cocktail rings to distinctive headpieces, the collection is a perfect balance of lady-like elegance and rebellious gothic beauty.

maria n



Cornelia Webb 

Beneath the Surface is just a hint at Cornelia Webb’s fascination with oceanic life in the underwater world. Her exquisite SS14 jewellery collection is moulded with aquatic influence, from corals to shells, Cornelia’s designs are fresh and unique capturing the essence of summer. Forever environmentally and ethically conscious her delicate pieces are made with repurposed metals sourced around seaside-scapes. Her experimentation with statement jewellery pieces stems from a fascination with the idea of moulding jewellery around the body in innovative ways. Since Cornelia’s brand launch in 2005, her collection has kept a traditional Scandinavian aesthetic with a celebration of the beauty of the Earths natural materials.



Words by Danielle Emerson and India van Spall


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