Goth – synthpop queen Sally Dige mixes a cool, dance ´til dawn emotive cacophony for Wonderland.

Sally Dige 7 inch Cover other2

Let’s face it, some of the most gorgeous, dream-inducing tunes originated from Canadian shores. Included is Sally Dige, a Vancouver native with haunting Madonna meets Siouxsie Sioux vocals and experimental, 80’s-tinged beats. While we’re waiting in anticipation for her gothic-cum-rave 7″ split “Forget Me/ Losing You” on August 26, we can at least get a taste of her style with her exclusive mix for Wonderland. The track list gives an idea of Sally’s varied but always synced inspirations — this is a mix that will keep you guessing and moving.

Clan Of Xymox – Obsession

Frank Tovey – Luxury

William Winslow-Hansen – Anxiety

Clan Of Xymox – Moscovite Musquito

Alphaville – Summer In Berlin

Shannon – Let The Music Play

Pet Shop Boys – Domino Dancing

William Winslow-Hansen – Firebirds

She Past Away – Kasvetli Kutlama

The Sisterhood – Giving Ground

Hurts – Better Than Love

Berlin – The Metro

William Winslow-Hansen – Windows To Nowhere

Click here to listen to Sally Dige’s mix for Wonderland, and check out her new release “Forget Me/ Losing You” out August 26.

Words: Elise Marraro (follow Elise on Twitter @PardonMe_Lissie)