The innovative young footwear designer envisages models battling Medusa in an epic battle to the death – in very, very nice shoes, of course.

Since graduating from Cordwaniners College in London, Gloucestershire-born Atalanta Weller has worked with everyone from Hugo Boss to Gareth Pugh and Craig Lawrence – but her striking eye for graphic, futurist design emerges fully-formed with her namesake label. Bold and striking, her sexed-up shoes tread the line between modernist sculpture and empowered uber-femininity.

In her new fashion film, premiered exclusively on Wonderland, long-time assistant to Tim Walker and director James Stopforth, envisioned a mythical duel to the death between Medusa and an unknown warrior, featuring a selection of shoes from Weller’s SS13 and AW13 collections – albeit one filtered through the modern medium of stop motion animation.

“The exciting part of this project was to take the still and develop it through animation within a time slice camera rig in order to create the fashion film,” he says. “Each frame was carefully composed as a single photograph, brought to life through the 360 degree selection of angles.”

The Atalanta Weller SS13 collection is available in Harvey Nichols now. www.atalantaweller.com