Cute boys and cute animals, plus an indie reinterpretation of that bit in Uptown Girl where Billy Joel tries to fix a car. What more could you want from a music video?

It looks like Casablanca have seen our One Direction cover shoot and decided that floppy-haired boys + cute animals = winning combination.

In fact, the entire music video for ‘We Could Forever’ plays like the fantasy of a Buzzfeed-scrolling, hormonal teenage girl: there’s a cute cat with a squished face! Baby rabbits! A puppy with a bow in its hair! Boys dressed like mechanics from a Billy Joel video, plus cameos from Peace and Swim Deep members! (Okay, not those last two.)

Directed by Billie JD Porter, the video might be a sly wink at the average age of Casablanca’s line-up and their unabashed pop hooks. In reality, the band’s been around for years in the guise of Lo-Fi Culture Scene, racking up a few singles as well as supporting bands like Bloc Party and Mystery Jets.

Their first Casablanca single ‘Hurricane Season’ has racked up support from XFM and Radio 1’s Huw Stephen, drawing comparisons to the rabble-rousing, dance-y pop of Foals and Bombay Bicycle Club – but if this video’s anything to go by, Casablanca will be just as happy with being the new pop pin-ups for more discerning teen fans.