The Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas collaboration brand, Y-3, celebrates ten years with a store opening in Covent Garden yesterday.

Y3 Covent Garden_009LR

The collaboration between the award-winning Japanese designer and Adidas began in 2003 – and ten years on, the brand has become a favourite amongst celebs, including the likes of A$AP Rocky, Willow Smith and David Beckham. So if you’re rocking the balaclava-chic like A$AP or taking tips from a very cool 12-year-old, then Y-3 is the brand for you.

Inhabiting a renovated building originally built in 1838, the street-chic sanctuary is all futuristic, monochrome, mirror effects and mood lighting — pretty much how we picture Yamamoto’s bedroom to look like. It’s the brand’s second London store in collaboration with partner brand Hervia, alongside their flagship Central London store. The new branch will house the AW13 collection, carrying the full range of menswear, womenswear, footwear and accessories.

In keeping with Y-3’s approach, the store merges minimalist chic and techno-bling with a new lighting system that changes settings depending on the display — perfect for moody trend-setters and fickle fashionistas. But without getting too sci-fi, the store also keeps intact the building’s distinguishing Victorian features, such as its arch windows and steel pillars.

So why not head down to Covent Garden and hip hop into the new Y-3 store — if you fancy feeling like you’re in a sci-fi remake of American Psycho.

Y3 Covent Garden_006LR

Y3 Covent Garden_003LR

Words: Nadia Younes