Put away your mobile phones, it’s time to pay tribute to the icon who opened Versace couture.

Naomi Campbell Opening Versace Couture

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Naomi Campbell kicked off the autumn/winter 2013 haute couture collections in Paris last night by opening Versace. This is kind of amazing.

Campbell shot to superstardom as one of Gianni’s favorite models (she still describes him as a “brother”). But she hasn’t worked with the label for 15 years since she fell out with Donatella – Campbell announced at an impromptu press conference that the latter had been “treating [her] like a stranger for months“.

Happily, it seems that the two have patched up just in time for AW13. As Donatella puts it: “I started this Atelier Versace collection by dreaming about the perfect aesthetic of the black-and-white era. I wanted to make it new, and pictured a sexy and sophisticated woman with a strong attitude. Only a true icon like Naomi Campbell could open this show.”

After all, nothing screams Naomi Campbell more than a plunging, bejeweled basque. So in honour of Campbell’s return to the runway, we thought we’d list 12 more of our favourite Naomi moments.

Naomi Campbell racing a cheetah for Jean Paul Goude

1. That time she raced a cheetah

Jean-Paul Goude’s spin on Richard Avedon’s 50s photographs saw Campbell run with a cheetah for Harper’s Bazaar. Obviously, the cheetah lost.

Naomi Campbell Chanel bikini

2. That time she wore a crotchtastic Chanel bikini

Not everyone can get away with a Chanel-branded crotch logo. Unless you’re Naomi Campbell, that is.

Naomi Campbell falling on Vivienne Westwood runway

3. That time she fell over at a Vivienne Westwood show and just styled it out

Most models look terrified when they slip on the runway. In 1993, Naomi made it look fun.

4. That time she appeared on Absolutely Fabulous

Joanna Lumley and Naomi Campbell are a match made in heaven.

Naomi Campbell Swan book launch

5. That time she wrote a novel

Yes, Naomi Campbell has written a book. That would be 1997’s Swan. (Make that ghostwritten. Campbell explained that she “just did not have the time to sit down and write a book”).

6. That time she tried to launch a singing career

In 1995, she released her album babywoman. This single reached No. 40 on the UK charts. For some inexplicable reason, the video features Naomi as a Bollywood circus dancer.

7. That time she appeared on Cribs

She bought the house in Jamaica where Ian Fleming wrote all the James Bond novels, because she could.

Kate Moss with Naomi Campbell

8. All the times she went clubbing with Kate Moss

If we could somehow live inside a photo, it would be this one.

Naomi on The Face gif Naomi on The Face gif

Coco Rocha on The Face gif Naomi on The Face gif

9. This exchange between Coco Rocha and Naomi on The Face

Why are we so excited about this show coming to the UK? This is why.

10. That time she appeared in a Michael Jackson video

Before Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery exploits took a turn for the worst, he made this video. And it’s still fucking amazing.

11. Every time she walks a runway, period

There’s a reason she’s an OG supermodel. If you need any more convincing, check out the video Susie Bubble shot at Versace yesterday. There’s Naomi walking… and then there’s all the other lesser models.

A V moment…. Naomi walking @versace by @susiebubble

This post is brought to you by Naomi Campbell praying for you:

Naomi Campbell Victoria's Secret

Words: Zing Tsjeng (Follow Zing on Twitter @misszing)


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