It’s less than a week till festival season (read: Glasto) kicks off, so Rinse FM upstart Monki put together a slammin’ mix of garage, hip-hop, jungle and house.


Annie Mac’s Rinse FM enfant terrible proves that quitting school to pursue your DJ dream does actually work. And good thing, too, because Lucy Monkman will be the first to admit that she would’ve made a “crap lawyer”. BBC Radio 1 DJ, ZOO record label owner, and underground tastemaker bringing the heavy vibe to festivals all over Europe and the UK, by the age of 21. In Monki we trust! Tracklisting and interview below.

Atumpan – The Thing (Zulu Remix)
Breach – Jack (Mak & Pasteman Remix)
tessela – Hackney Parrot
Liquid – Sweet Harmony
mY nu Leng – Levels
Zac Toms – Bring Me Down (Stanton Warriors Mix)
Rebound X Rhythm & Gash – (Melé Edit)
Destiny’s Child – Say My Name
Melé & Salva – Hollywood Noir
Salva and RL Grime – What You Waiting For
SL2 – On A Ragga Tip
Shy FX – Shake Your Body
Kelis ft Andre 3000 – Millionaire
Melé – DMX
Roots Manuva – Witness
Fat Joe, Ja Rule and Ashanti – What’s Luv?
The Neptunes – Frontin (ft Pharrell & Jay Z)
Justin Timberlake – Sign (ft Snoop Dogg)

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Hey, Lucy. What have you put together for Wonderland?

A 30 minute mix of old and new bits that represent the sort of set I might play out at a club or festival. House, garage, jungle, hip-Hop. Party set!

How did you start spinning?

I only started DJing four years ago. I used to go round my friend’s after work. We played hip hop on this vinyl deck, and were really crap at it. At the time, I was studying law and economics, and hated it with a passion. Then one day I heard Annie Mac on Radio One, and was like – why can’t I do that? She sounds like she’s having so much fun! The next day I quit, and started hunting for work placements. I didn’t tell my mum for six months.

What did your mum say when she found out?

I knew she’d be really angry, because she’s a barrister. But she was a clubber back in the day, so she got over it. She gets free festival tickets, so she can’t complain.

What was your first break?

My first gig was in the basement of a pub at King’s Cross, and no one turned up. A month after that Annie emailed me asking for a mix. Then we met up for coffee. She asked, do you wanna warm up at the next Annie Mac Presents? And I was like, oh my god! Yes, please! I was 18.


Pirate radio and the people I’ve worked with at Rinse, ’cause they’ve driven so much music. Then people like Annie, who’ve always supported me. I didn’t want to fail them.

Were you scared of failure?

Yeah, I didn’t want to end up working at Asda. I wanted to prove something.

Do you feel like a role model for young girls?

People have come up to me in clubs and said, “Oh, I really want to be doing what you’re doing,” which is weird, because I’m still pretty young and it feels like I started out yesterday. But its nice at the same time. If I can inspire someone to do what I did, and they’re happy doing that… Then mission completed, really.

Any advice for aspiring female DJS?

If you wanna do well, you need to be a good DJ, not good for a girl. People will take you way more seriously. Don’t post selfies on Instagram all the time, and stuff like that.

What are you looking for, in terms of sound?

Right now a lot of people are making garage and house. My mixes are what I’m listening to at the time, so it’s across the board. That’s what I’m known for.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I just finished my Monki and Friends EP with Rebel Studio. I was curating a collaborative of artists including Karma Kid, Salva from LA, and Shadow Child. I also start my own night at Fabric in September. I’m really nervous.

Are you a party animal?

DJing hasn’t spoiled clubbing, but I listen to the mixing instead of letting myself go. I am the world’s most boring DJ because I don’t drink, as well. I had my heyday when I was younger, went wild for a year and got it out of my system. The rare weekend my boyfriend and I get off, we chill out.

What would you like to accomplish by the time you’re 25?

World domination.

DJ Monki plays at Glastonbury on 28th June, and Lovebox Festival in London on 19th July.

Words: Christine Jun (Follow Christine on Twitter @christinecocoj


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