Lacoste celebrates its 80th anniversary with collaborations by nine top French design houses, including Hermes and Boucheron.


A true aristocrat leads by example — and celebrates success without planning the party. Thus Lacoste, the design house of royalty sport, celebrates eighty years of polo pimping with an indulgent and very republic collaboration effort. Nine top French houses commemorate the Lacoste crocodile with exclusive anniversary gifts, from bags to golf clubs to delicious sweets. The collection is for looks only, as no items are available for sale — an old world affair, indeed.

Brand Buzz Lacoste 80 anniversary french house Baccarat crystal vase

Baccarat Crystal Vase with Lacoste Crocodile

Baccarat, known for its luxurious crystal pieces, commemorates that elusive crocodile with a large green vase. Inspired by the tennis and golf trophies won by Rene Lacoste and his athletic brood, the shape harkens 1930’s design but with a very modern, geometric pattern.

Brand Buzz Lacoste 80 anniversary french house Bernardaud golf tees

Bernardaud for Lacoste Golf Tees

Rene Lacoste married golf champion Simone Thion de la Chaume, and their daughter, Catherine, was also a reigning golfer. So to honour Lacoste’s long-standing relationship with the thinker’s game, porcelain company Bernardaud created a collection of golf tees, each in the colour of the infamous Lacoste polo shirt.


Brand Buzz Lacoste 80 anniversary french house Boucheron Crocodiles Broaches

Boucheron Lacoste Crocodile Brooches

The Maison Boucheron is one of the most exclusive jewelers in the Place Vendrome, and indeed the world. Known for its collection of bejeweled animals, the house adds two Lacoste crocodile brooches to its extensive bestiary. Made out of diamonds and emeralds, these are two crocs we’re not afraid to handle.


Christofle Silver Golf Club for Lacoste

This gift for Lacoste’s anniversary is a guaranteed conversation starter at your local country  club. From brooches to place settings, the house Christofle produces priceless silverware, but nothing compares to the complete silver golf club the company made in tribute to Lacoste.

Brand Buzz Lacoste 80 anniversary french house Fauchon Eclairs

Fauchon Eclairs for Lacoste

Culinary powerhouse Fauchon creates one of the more entertaining (and ephemeral) gifts with these delicious signature eclairs. Specially designed by the Fauchon pastry chefs, the eclairs are magenta, green and white and come in five decadent flavours: green tea, almond, vanilla, lemon and strawberry.


Brand Buzz Lacoste 80 anniversary french house GOYARD bag

Goyard Lacoste Crocodile Travel Bag

Luxury trunk design house Goyard combines its own stylized chevron-patterned monogram with the infamous Lacoste crocodile insignia to create an exclusive, limited edition travel bag. Perfectly sized and elegantly shaped, this is the travel bag for sporting babes jetting the Riviera.

Brand Buzz 80 anniversary french house Hermes bag Sac_de_Tennis_

Hermes for Lacoste Crocodile Tennis Bag

Nothing screams hallmark than a gifted bag from Hermes. The fashion house pays homage to Lacoste’s tennis history with a large crocodile skin tennis bag. With organic curves and that gorgeous green, the Hermes for Lacoste bag will make style pros out of sporting novices.


Brand Buzz Lacoste 80 anniversary french house ST Dupont Coffret_mysterieux


S.T. Dupont Crocodile Note Kit

Luxury manufacturer S.T. Dupont has created the perfect gift for the sharp and elegant Lacoste sportsman. The case, created to look mysteriously plain from the outside, holds a lighter, two candles, a notebook and two pens: Elysée and Classique.

Brand Buzz Lacoste 80 anniversary french house VEUVE_CLICQUOT trolley

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Trolley for Lacoste

No anniversary celebration is complete without a bottle of bubbly. Lacoste, of course, was gifted some of the best in the land from the infamous Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin Champagne House. Along with champagne, the brand designed a special case in the shape of an iconic golf trolley.

The 80th Anniversary Lacoste Collection will display at Colette in Paris from June 10th to 15th.

Words: Elise Marraro (follow Elise on Twitter: PardonMe_Lissie)